November is here, and along with it the soul-crushing responsibility of buying thoughtful gifts for every loved one in your life. But don't worry, we're gonna make it easy: Here are some perfect gifts for the 21st Century Hippie.

You know the one—they like to denounce capitalist culture but they aren't quite ready to give up their creature comforts. They like to shower just maybe not every single day. And they like the idea of the outdoors more than actually roughing it out there at the campsite. Here's what to get the 21st Century Hippie in your life.

1. Dr. Bronner's, $13.49: Back in the '60s your friendly hippie might have foregone washing altogether. But if your hippie has to lather up, give him or her Dr. Bonner's 18-in-1 soap, good for cleaning body, hair, dishes, teeth, pets, house and just about anything else. [Amazon]

2. Volcano Vaporizer, $669: Smoking weed—still an activity du jour for the 21st Century Hippie. But now they're using a $670 mega-machine to vaporize the precious THC and leave behind all the gross stuff. [Vapor Experts]

3. Kor One Water Bottle, $29.95 : For a 21st Century Hippie, polluting the world with plastic water bottles would be unconscionable. But one has to stay hydrated. The Kor One is a snazzy reusable bottle made of BPA-free Tritan, and the company gives 6% of the price back to various recycling institutes and initiatives. [Kor Water]

4. Leatherman Wave Multitool, $58: Whether your hippie's assembling a wigwam or just a couch from Ikea, they're gonna have to cut some stuff and screw some screws at some point. The Leatherman Wave multitool will get those and some 14 other jobs done with ease. [Amazon]

5. Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp, $28.12: Every hippie needs a good headlamp—there's no electricity in that house they're squatting in for the summer—and the Princeton Tec Quad's one of the best for the price. [Amazon]

6. Tom's Shoes, $~44: They look nice, they're cheap, and when you buy a pair a kid in South America gets a pair too. Hippie hat trick. [Toms]

7. Terrarium, varying prices: Being a hippie these days doesn't mean you have to love nature; just appreciating the idea of it is fine. A terrarium is a way for your hippie to show their allegiance to all things green without having to actually get dirt on their hands. [Etsy]

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