Both pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 50D with EF 24-105mm f4 L
Top: I chose because it kind of shows the progression on fall in one shot with the greens and yellows of early Autumn on the right and the dark oranges and bare trees on the left. ISO100 f7.1 1/100s
Bottom: Was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway on a recent return from visiting friends in South Carolina. It was my first time on the Parkway and when I came through the Twin Tunnels, I had to stop and walk back through the tunnels for some pictures. ISO100 f4.5 180s
-Jason Gorsage

Top: Canon T2i, ISO 200, 50mm, f2.8
I was shooting some family pictures in the park and there was a pumpkin sitting in the leaves. I just got low to get the shot.
Bottom: Canon T2i, ISO 200, 50mm, f4.0
Shooting family pictures in the park, we came across this little bridge. The light was coming through the tree just right.
-Jeremy Childress

Nikon D5000, Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens, ISO 100, f/1.8, 1/250
Found these on the way back from my girlfriend's one wet Seattle morning.
-Jeremy Mendosa

Canon Digital Rebel XT with kit lens, Shutter Speed: 1/200, Lens/Aperture: F/5.6, ISO 400
I shot this in Ricketts Glenn State Park in Pennsylvania. I stopped to take a picture of the waterfall and was captivated by the glacier of leaves creeping forward on the overhang. Leaves were edged onward until they fluttered to the calm water below. As the falls crashed in from above, the fallen leaves banded together and bobbed in unison.
-Jeremy Yordy

My shot comes from Patterson Park, Baltimore. I used a Canon Rebel XT and a Lensbaby 3g at f/4, 1/500 sec, and ISO 200. The effect is from the lens rather than post processing, I only adjusted exposure and contrast.
-Joe Russo

Nikon D60, ISO 200, 55mm, f/4.5 1/80,
-John McGrail

The photo I am entering was taken with my Nikon d90 with a 18-105 lens. aperture of 10, ISO 500 and a 1/400 exposure.
Well I was hoping to get out and get some great fall photos since I'm visiting in Utah right now, and the colors are beautiful. I had a really busy week, and didn't get to get out. I went to take some today, but it wasn't the brightest of days. I hope next weeks challenge I can send in some better pictures.
-Jordan Billings

Canon 7D, Canon 70-200F4 @ F4.5, 200mm, ISO 100.
Handheld, unprocessed except for a bit of a contrast and sharpness boost.
This was shot in a small town near Alliston Ontario. In the middle of some immaculate fall foliage, perched at the top of a country valley is this massive million dollar house with a million dollar view.
-Karl Stahl

I thought that this would be easy contest. I spent more time running around with my little camera taking shots then I have with any other contest. This beautiful tree is the view from the kitchen. In the spring it is bronze, the summer bright green and the winter it has snow on it. Am Olympus E-Pl1 was used at f-8, iso & 1/400 sec200
-Kay Owens

Nikon D5000, Nikkor 18-200 af-s
I had just finished class for the day and on my bike ride back I noticed the leaves outside my house were looking awfully pretty. So I grasped my camera and snapped a few pictures.
-Kelsey Fisher

Top: Panasonic-Lumix GH1 19 mm, ISO 250 f.4.4 1/125 sec
This is the window of my neighbor's that I see every time I walk out the door. For one reason or another, I've always liked how the house almost seems infested with these leaves. Some post-processing in Lightroom was done to bring contrast the leaves with the house, in addition to dropping the exposure and adding the grain. I would just play around with the dials until I found something I like.
Bottom: Panasonic-Lumix GH1 140 mm, ISO 320, f.5.8 1/50 sec
Rather than go for the grandiose, post-card "fall leaves" picture, I wanted to do something simple and minimalistic. So I just photographed the top three leaves from a nearly depleted tree. I just like how each of them has their own unique look. Post-processing was done in Lightroom to change the overall tone of the photo and give the leaves a soft burnt orange hue.
-Kenny Voelker

Both of these pictures were taken the morning of our first frost. Had really nice early morning sunlight coming through the trees. Shot with a Canon T2i with a Tamron 28-75mm at f/2.8.
-Kiel Drake

Fuji film FinePix S9600 Digital Camera
Hama DIGI HR: UV Lens
Top: ISO 200, f/3.7, 1/2000s, focus: 17 mm
Bottom: ISO 80, f/5.6, 1/340s, focus: 22 mm
-Krisztián Papp

5D Markii with the 85mm 1.2 attached, f1.2 1/8000 ISO 100.
I was just driving around Cedar City and saw this street in passing and immediately remembered the shooting challenge and had to lie in the road to get the shot.
-Kyle Ford

Top: Nikon D5000, f/9, 1/100, ISO-400, 50mm
I was taking my dog for a walk when I saw this. I enjoyed how this leaf was by itself on the sidewalk; it was the perfect juxtaposition of nature and our concrete society. As well the maple key and the leaf was a nice contrast of young and old.
Bottom: Nikon D5000, f/13, 1/800, ISO-200, 50mm
There is a Japanese maple tree in my backyard and it was about 5pm and I noticed how the light was shining through. I got up close and personal in the branches of the tree to snap this. I liked how the maple key is also trying to play a prominent role in the photo.
-Kyra Assaad

Canon S95, 1/320 sec, F2, ISO 320
The fall time is the best! I was walking in the park with my baby and I saw this tree with its branches drooping low. I decided to go off-road with the stroller and see if I could find some cool images and angles to shoot. Sure enough, this is my favorite. Simply stood under the tree next to the trunk, looked up and voila. Sad to see the colors fading,
-Linda Montoya

Nikon D700 with 24-70 lens, 24mm, ISO 400, SB 900 camera left, flood light camera right
I started a 365 project back in August, taking one photo every day for a year, this was day 78. It was drizzling outside. The leaves were wet and the mosquitoes were still out despite the cold weather. This photo is similar to one that I had done previously which I tried to convey slowing down in my busy schedule to just enjoy life. In this case, it was to go out and experience the fall before the winter took over.
-Lisa Brennaman

Nikon D60, 18-55 VR Lens.
Top: (18mm, f 9.0, 1/30s, ISO100)
I'm obsessed with cars, I'm obsessed with automotive photography, and I've always been obsessed with 1967 Mustangs. Since I was a child, my dream garage has always included a 1967 Mustang Fastback in blue or black. So you can imagine the "cargasm" I had when I started working at a new job in June, only to find that one of my coworkers owned a 1967 Mustang Fastback in a gorgeous blue, fully restored, mint condition. He drives it to work every nice day in summer, and seeing it in the lot is always a fantastic start to my day. After a few hours of wasting company time just talking about cars, I asked him if I could shoot his Mustang for a photography contest. After a random string of cold, windy, and wet weather (which unfortunately knocked down a lot of color), we finally got a nice day here in Chicago last Friday. We went out during our lunch hour to find a spot and discovered the tree in the background of the picture in a nearby subdivision-it was the only tree in the entire neighborhood that had such vibrant colors still on its branches. I love the way the image captures the bold, deep reds and oranges of the fall leaves without overpowering the vibrant blue of the paint and how it changes with the reflection of the sunlight.
Bottom: (18mm, f 22, 1/15s, ISO200)
In the beginning of October I attended the wedding of two of my friends from college (they got married to each other). They decided to host their wedding at a location nestled deep into the Colorado Rockies. We had several hours to burn in the morning prior to the ceremony so a few carloads of us decided to go driving, letting the twisty mountain roads lead us to no destination in particular. After seeing a promising mountain in the distance, we decided to drive to it and see if there was a road leading up to the summit. While the road we found only lead to about 800 feet below the summit, we stopped at several points on the way to the scenic overlook. Fortunately for us, most of the Aspens on this altitude still had their bright yellow leaves and we stopped at several points on this road to see the sights. This image was one of several I shot on the vista, and I especially was fond of the way it captures the essence of driving on a mountain road. I felt like the pavement pulls the viewer into the scene as if they were driving on it themselves.
-Mark Chauhan

Canon XSI - Sigma 28mm f/1.8, Aperture 3
In sunny California, we really do not experience the four seasons like the east coast. Most of our trees still have their leaves intact and the colors do not really change until really late fall early winter. I am fortunate to some trees and shrub on my property that are experiencing some color change. The first photo is unprocessed with the exception of white balancing. I wanted to show the praying mantis' color contrasts with its surrounding leaves. The second photo has been tweaked with contrast, vibrancy and vignetting. I wanted to express our wonderful weather this leaf is experiencing by example with lens flare.
-Marvin Goda

Photographed with a Canon XTi and the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L. I was Shooting some leaves in my front yard when I almost stepped on this little feller. He was moving so fast that it was hard to keep him in focus, but this one really turned out well.
-Matthew Neuman

Top:Mugsy the pug running through the autumn leaves after chasing some pesky squirrels into the woods. I was able to track him to keep him in focus as he ran back to the house to get his treat for being a good dog. This photo was taken in New Hartford, NY on Oct. 11. Shot with a Nikon D40, focal length 55mm, 400 ISO, shutter 1/15", f/5.6. Edited using iPhoto.
Bottom : A dirt road in the middle of a state park flanked by deciduous trees. This was taken while walking through the woods in a park near Herkimer, NY. Shot with a Nikon D40, focal length 42mm, ISO 200, shutter 1/125", f/5.3 and edited using iPhoto.
-Michael Condro


Fuji s100fs / 1/1000" / F3.7 / ISO 100 / 21.0mm
Fall doesn't really exist in coastal Florida, not in the conventional sense. Summer fades gradually for months until a cold front finally makes it through the state sometime in November. Even then, the temperature only drops into the 50's. Most of the trees don't even bother changing colors.
-Mike Case

Top:Canon EOS-5D, Lens: Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec., Aperture: f/2.8, ISO: 200, Focal Length: 42mm
It's the result of walking under the rain to the University Campus.
Bottom: Canon EOS-400D, Lens: Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec., Aperture: f/2.8, ISO: 200, Focal Length: 31mm
The red color attracted me when I was walking in the City, and then I noticed the beautiful mixture of Red, Green and Blue, from left to right. You know, RGB!
-Moein Alinaghian

Canon EOS REbel T2i (550D), Normal Program Mode, Shutter: 1/250 Sec, F-stop/8, ISO 100, Focal Length 70mm, Technique: diptychs
I recently moved to east coast (Morgantown, WV) from California and all I was hearing about was how the area would be so dreamy during early fall. So, I was looking forward to this recent months to capture the beauty of fall here. Currently I work in east coast and believe it or not, the attached photo, which I am submitting for the contest, is my office view. A few days back, I noticed there is a dreamy fog among the trees, which makes the whole scene amazingly breath taking. So, me and one of my colleagues who is interested in photo-shooting brought our cameras the day after hoping not to miss the dance of colors among the fog. I really loved how the tree's string runs into the mystery of fog. I feel like the fog leaves the interpretation to the viewer, which in this case can be the upcoming winter of 2010.
I used my Digital SLR to capture this shot and more detailed specifications are listed below. The reflection in the calm water of the river qualifies this shot for diptychs technique.
-Mohammad Maysami

Top: Taken with a Canon Rebel XTI with an 18-55 at f5.6/250 ISO 100 I was trying to decide what to do for this challenge earlier in the week since Texas is a late bloomer when it comes to fall; I settled on going to the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden and trying out some long exposures playing off the water (to enter with a tripod is a $75 fee evidently, so much for that!) I headed over there and arrived about twenty minutes after they opened only to be dodging all the portrait folk the entire morning; I had high hopes for the maples to be turning, but the majority have yet to do so. In between people walking behind to different locations, children bored out of their minds running around, and ducks/Koi disturbing the water, I was able to get a few decent reflection shots.
Bottom: Taken with a Canon Rebel XTI with an 18-55 at f8/125 ISO 100
It seems such a shame that people often forget to take an extra minute and just look around and soak it all in. I'd been watching people hop from maple to maple the entire morning passing up everything else, and this spot in particular caught my eye. Nobody was interested in these Dogwoods, which really have a greater variety and range of color than the maples. I snapped up quite a few photos throughout the morning of both these and various maples, but I still keep coming back to the Dogwoods. The early morning sun filtering through the leaves really helped bring out the colors and beauty of these overlooked and discounted trees.
-Nathan Lorich


"Fall Suspense"

Top: The first is a traditional fall shot, taken at one of the small fishing lakes on the grounds of Seven Springs ski resort near Somersette, PA. My husband and I made an impromptu stop there for a fall festival on our way back from a wedding in Pittsburgh (the entire drive up and back was breathtaking). The light, trees and weather were perfect... I would have loved to have stay longer and explore even more of the resort, but we still had a two and a half hour drive back home.
Bottom: Taken at the fall festival at the Seven Springs Ski Resort near Somersette, PA. Although you catch some of the natural landscape color in the background, I thought the picture best represented the real "color" that we encounter at this time of year — a huge variety of artisans, crafters and performers, all taking advantage of the cooler climate and the last opportunity of the year to show off. Fall is, and always has been, my favorite time of year, both for the natural and man-made spectacle. Wood smoke, pumpkin spice, the fresh wine harvest and, apparently, women swinging around on strips of fabric.
-Nicole Lombardi

"Autumn Inconvenience"

"Autumn Love"

Top: Not having my equipment this weekend, I took this shot using an old Sony F717. F2.4, 1/1000 Shutter Speed, ISO 100. I used my first shot to capture the juxtaposition of autumn's beauty and its inconvenience. The old boot represents the work involved in cleaning up fallen leaves, but the leaves themselves show off autumn's beauty. I tried to find leaves that mirror the boots color for aesthetic value.
Not having my equipment this weekend, I took this shot using an old Sony F717. I think I used a F3.2 for this one. I loved this shot because it plays with movement. Seems like the pretty girly branch is reaching for the hand of the old beat up manly branch.
-Nikita Ostrovsky

In Zürich the weather was very cold in October already so the leaves changed colour fast, as you can see with the first entry it's yellow, green and brown even red, it was quite amazing seeing these leaves on the trees but even nice on contrasted on something darker. Here I picked up a leaf, put it on the slate table, upped the colour setting to vivid and shot it dead on using a Nikon D90 and a 50mm 1.8 lens opened all the way up.
The second picture is taken against a very overcast morning with bright sunlight against the mist-clouds causing a brilliant white background. Once again this was taken with a Nikon D90 and a 18-105mm kit lens at 18mm @ 7.1, 400 ISO so as to get in the layers in all their clarity and colours.
-Nils Rohwer

Top: Taken with a Canon 50mm Macro lens ISO100 1/640 f 5.6. Taken just east of Silver City off the coast of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.
Bottom: Taken with my Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens ISO 100 1/640 f7.1. Taken while I was on a cruise from Bayfield Wisconsin around the Apostle Islands.
-Pati Lois

Canon powershot 5 years old, no technique. This is a DIY MFOS sequencer for a synthesizer I build for a friend.
-Paul McCullars

Top: Canon Rebel T2i f/5.6 1/1600 ISO400
I spent an afternoon wandering around downtown enjoying the fall colors. As I was walking back to my car, I looked up and noticed this single leaf remaining on its branch, and figured it would make a nice shot for a first-ever Gizmodo submission. Initially I tried capturing the leaf standing alone against the bright blue sky, but after I accidentally caught the rest of the tree in the background, I decided having it as a backdrop better presented the transition from a summer tree into a winter tree.
Bottom: Canon Rebel T2i f/8 1/500 ISO800
Shot at the end of a morning trip exploring a civil war battlefield. The wind was picking up and blowing hundreds of leaves from the trees. I wanted to capture a single leaf falling down to join its brethren, so I sat down in the leaves, focused as best I could where I thought the leaves would fall, and waited. Every time that the wind picked up, I started to shoot in drive mode. Eventually I got lucky.
-Paul McNeil

Canon 400D w/ Tamron 18-250mm Di-II @ 18mm, 1/100 sec, f/5.0, ISO 100.
Top: Shot from the treetop walkway at Kew Gardens in London. There were so many great trees to shoot around the park but being 18m up in the canopies gave a great opportunity to get a bit of a different perspective and allowed me to completely fill the frame with autumnal colours.
Bottom: Not sure how this one will go down with the rules but I recently went to an exhibition about camera-less photography and it got me thinking about trying out more abstract styles of photography. Didn't have the chemicals available to do any photograms/chemigrams so scanned this autumn leaf with my Epson V700 at 4800dpi. I was pretty happy with the resulting detail and abstraction.
-Peter Larkin

Top: Canon 5D, EF24-105mm L USM @24mm ƒ/11, ISO 100, Polarizer Filter on
I was in NH for the weekend visiting family. After a late night of partying with my family and friends, I got up at 6am and headed out to the lake to catch the morning light as planned. I set up the tripod and took a bunch of shots for at least an hour.
Bottom: Canon 5D, EF24-105mm L USM @40mm ƒ/8, ISO 100, Polarizer Filter on
I bought tickets for the Manhattan Yacht brunch cruise this weekend and headed out on the Hudson Saturday am. What a great day! We left from Chelsea Piers and went as far as the Tarrytown. The colors were out and I took shots all day long.
-Peter Lawton