He smells of sawdust and never needs sandpaper because his palms are so rough. He builds a Mission-style TV stand instead of hitting Ikea. And he's the guy who always helps you move. You owe him something rad this holiday.

1. Little Giant Adjustable Ladder, $259: A Little Giant ladder is the only ladder your handyman will ever need. It's completely adjustable to whatever situation, so much so that you can turn one Little Giant ladder into 24 different ladders. [Amazon]

2. Dewalt Lightweight Safety Glasses, $5.99: Handymen need some sorta eye protection when working with tools but also don't want to look like a complete tool. Give them a pair of almost stylish, uber-lightweight safety glasses to protect those ol' blue eyes. [Amazon]

3. Waterloo Metal Toolbox (Red), $90.58: Nothing says I-can-build-anything-with-these-two-hands-and-you-better-effing-believe-it better than that classic metal toolbox. Buy the Waterloo Split Lid toolbox to maximize organization. And be sure to make it red. [Lowes]

4. Green Level Cufflinks $22.99: You just never know when a handyman notices something crooked. So make sure even when he's suited up and looking like a million bucks, he can always level the shit out of that living room painting with these cufflinks. [Amazon]

5. Carpenter Pencil Set, $23.69 for 72-pack: It's not always about brute strength and bangin' nails, there's planning involved in being a handyman. Buy him a carpenter pencil—a pencil that's rectangular and doesn't roll around and comes with a flat tip for better marking—so he'll always know where it is. [Amazon]

6. MagnoGrip, $12.78: When handymen are drilling and hammerin' away, dont you dare expect them to hold the extra nails in their mouth. That's dangerous! Hook them up with magnetic wristbands so they have a safe place to put their nails and screws while working (and so they can moonlight as Magneto). [Amazon]

7. Bosch Laser Measuring Device, $80: Throw away your measuring tapes, that's for handygramps. A modern day handyman needs a measuring device that uses lasers to calculate the distance because it's easier, faster, and just accurate. And dude, it's a FRICKING LASER. [Amazon]

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