We may not all be professional videographers, but the world needs its neighborhood auteurs. Whoever that person is capturing memories at 60 frames per second, these are the gifts for them.

1. Flip UltraHD, $178: Bigger rigs are fine for holidays and birthdays, the predicably posed moments. But for the spontaneous shots that you're afraid to forget, a portable camera's the only choice. And 720p at 60fps in the Flip UltraHD's tiny, customizable package is nothing to sneeze at. [Amazon]

2. Gorillapod Video, $30: Shakycam might have worked for The Blair Witch Project, but if you don't want your home movie to be a nausea-inducing horrorfest, do the right thing and pick up this versatile, bendy, adorably affordable tripod. [Joby]

3. Lens Pen Cleaning System, $10: This deceptively small gadget is really two cleaners in one: a retractable brush on one end, a chamois tip on the other that combine to banish all the dust and smudges that mar your perfect picture. [Amazon]

4. Panasonic HDC-SDT750K 3D Camcorder, $1,358: If your backyard Jarmusch has always fancied himself a James Cameron type, why not give him the chance to prove it? This is the best 3D video camera that's even remotely priced for public consumption, and a great way to make up for all that missing 3DTV content. [Amazon]

5. iLife '11, $50: You really don't need any video editing equipment beyond iMovie to give your home movie some theatrical polish—including trailers. Rocking a PC? Adobe Premiere Elements is a little pricier at $80, but fully feature-packed. [Apple, Adobe]

6. Rode VideoMic, $148: Unless you're channeling Chaplin, how your video sounds matters every bit as much as how it looks. To avoid making every memory an inadvertant mumblecore moment, pick up a shotgun mic to give your ears as much of a dousing as your eyes. [Amazon]

7. Home Movies 10th Anniversary Set, $100: Home Movies had a small but fervent following during its [adult swim] tenure. But it's a terrifically funny show, especially if you've ever recorded life not just to remember it, but to figure out why the heck it's happening. [Amazon]

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