When you're super rich, you don't have to rip your own CDs—you can have a $5000, 2TB audiophile command center like the Olive O6HD do it for you. They'll sound better that way, too.

The O6HD, designed to be the central hub for serious home audio systems, can hold music from 6,000 CDs, uncompressed, with full album art and tags. You can navigate all those tunes with the built-in 10.1" touch screen or on your iPad or iPhone via Olive's iOS app. And as you'd expect from a $5000 HD music server, they'll sound good.

The O6HD packs a state of the art DAC and dedicated power supply to keep your music sounding pristine, and it's equipped to handle HD music, which reportedly has 250 times the resolution of a regular old CD. The unit comes preloaded with 12 HD tracks so you can hear just how lousy your CDs actually sound.

For you Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes and even non-crime fighting audiophiles out there, the O6HD is available for preorder now. [Olive via Unplugged]