A circa 1956 portable receiver and record player from Metz. [Oobject]

1920s Peter Pan Picnic Gramophone, featuring a telescopic horn and a fold out platter. [Oobject]

A pocket phonograph from 1924. [Oobject]

The RCA Victor Special Model K, Portable Electric Phonograph. [Oobject]

A 1950s In-Car Record Player. [Oobject]

A WWII U.S. Army Special Services Field Crank Phonograph. [Oobject]

Jehovah's witness Kameraphone, a portable phonograph. They were called Kameraphones because they looked like box cameras, and were imported from Europe and used by Jehova's witnesses to play bible discourses while doing their rounds. [Oobject]

1926 Swiss Made Mignonphone, which translates to "cutephone" in French. [Oobject]

A Portable USB record player from Charlie Pyott Design—a modern take on an old concept. [Oobject]

A Handy Travel Record Player of unknown origin. [Oobject]

The Baird Emerson Wondergram, 1960. [Oobject]

A 1930s 6 inch portable gramophone called the Mikki Phone. [Oobject]