Put that teal spandex one-piece back on the rack because we're running down the latest in style and safety this holiday for bike couriers, wannabes, and anyone else who's gotta ride in The City.

1. Masi Speciale Fixed Ultimate MSRP $1340
You say you want a bike that's beautiful to both look at and ride, nimble enough to weave through downtown traffic, yet sturdy enough to endure potholes, curbs and the occasional pedestrian; all with minimal upkeep? I say you want the Speciale Fixed Ultimate from Masi; 21.6 pounds of burgundy steel-framed go-fast. [Masi]

2. Bell Muni MSRP $65 Available Spring 2011
You don't really think about your helmet all that much until a SAAB blows through the red light and you're doing an impromptu Peter Pan rendition across a crowded intersection (remember kids, think happy thoughts). You'll be glad that the Muni you're wearing provides such excellent cranial coverage with so little bulk. The matte finish and integrated rear flashers are a nice touch, I'm pretty sure the driver noticed too. [Bell]

3. Blackburn Flea 2.0 Solar Light MSRP $39.99
The act of bicycling apparently wasn't green enough for the folks at Blackburn Design, so they've introduced a solar charging panel for their popular flea 2.0 series head and tail lights, eliminating the need for any power source other than 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. You can almost hear your karma increasing as these babies charge. [Blackburn Design]

4. Princeton Tec Push MSRP $49.99
A bright front light is great, sure, but cars don't always come from head on. Princeton Tec has developed the Push with just that problem in mind. By integrating light pipes into the side of the device, which provides proof to drivers that, yes, there really is a person on a bike there. The torch mounts with an included bracket and the 100 Lumen output is plenty to be visible without having to worry about downing passing aircraft. [PrincetonTec]

5. Crumpler Seedy Three MSRP $200
Built by the folks who invented the messenger bag, the Seedy Three is more than just a pretty throwback design. It's one of the toughest and most durable bags around. Crafted from old school waxy canvas and reinforced with super-strong box stitching, it's made to outlast it's lifetime warranty and (literally) weather any storm. [Crumpler]

6. Giro LX LF MSRP $69.99
Gloves are another essential item that doesn't garner much attention until you're sliding across pavement. It's times like these that you appreciate the durable double-stitched full-finger design of the LX LF. And when you aren't inspecting the asphalt, the Technogel palm padding makes for a comfortable, mildly squishy ride. [Giro]

7. Kryptonite Evolution Mini MSRP $61.95
If the Legend is too much lock for your security needs (or wallet), take the Evolution Mini for a spin. It's small stature belies its sturdy construction. It also makes transportation a breeze and minimizes the space between bike and post (making the act of squeezing a crowbar in there nigh on impossible). You'll be hard pressed to find a more solid lock for the price. [Kryptonite]

8. Kryptonite New York Legend Chain 1590 MSRP $165.95
Lock your bike to a street light with the Legend 1590 and thieves will have a better chance getting through the lamp post than these hardened steel links. An example of overkill at its finest for those times when you need to park your bike in downtown Mogadishu (or, God help you, Queens) overnight. [Kryptonite]

9. Garmin Edge 305 MSRP $349
Can you ever track too much ride data? The Carmin Edge 305 takes a shot providing just that much (and then a bit more) by integrating a high-sensitivity GPS receiver into a training computer and then straps on a heart-rate monitor for the ultimate personal-training device. Track not just speed, cadence, pace and heart-rate, but also your altitude, climb/descent rate, and exact position on the face of the Earth. The Edge 305 employs the Ant+ system to provide lossless, wireless transmission over the 2.4gHz spectrum (which means no more feedback or crosstalk from other devices in the peleton). The Edge 305 even provides a Virtual Training Partner to race against when you get lonely on your long rides. [Garmin]

10. Bike Gears Bike Gear Caltulator App MSRP $4.99
In this age of personalized customization, why should your bike be left out of the fun? This app allows you to calculate a myriad of gear ratios based on your personal specs and over 200 preset tire sizes to give you the exact ratio for your perfect ride. And for those of us who have eschewed the use of gears (or brakes, for that matter), Gear Calculator also offers a handy skid patch analyzer.


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