Momento: Our very first App of the Day ever! Momento's a handsome journaling app for chronicling all your observations, musings, and internet activities throughout the day. You can jot down notes, snap photos, or automatically pipe in a variety of feeds (Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc.), all of which are organized neatly and can be viewed by day, month, tag, and the like. $3

Amazon Price Check: Price Check, a free app for the iPhone, lets shoppers quickly peep Amazon's price for products by scanning barcodes, snapping photos, dictating an item's name, or just typing it in (for the old fashioned types). From there you can buy products straight away, add them to your shopping cart, or ignore the $3 savings you'd get by buying the Girl With the Dragon Tatttoo trilogy online and just snatch it up then and there in the Barnes and Noble you're standing in. Think of it as a 'real life shopping' tax. Free

Intelligentsia Coffee: Says coffee demon Matt:

Intelligentsia's new iPhone app is an incredible little package of coffee knowledge: It details how to perfectly make coffee via pourover, Chemex and other methods; includes a brew timer for each one; and shows Intelli's current coffees. It's free.

Well that settles it!

Mensa Brain Test: Answering the questions in this official Mensa app might not earn you admission into the group, but you'll know that you're clever enough to hang with the egg heads, and surely that's worth something. This app gives you a buncha official Mensa-style questions, with answers, and the ability to email or text your results to your friends right after. You might be saying you won't, but you probably will. $2

Game Dev Story: A crazy addictive business simulator that puts you in charge of developing a video game. You might be saying you'd rather be playing a videogame, but no, you'd rather be playing this—you'll find yourself weirdly attached to your employees, strangely invested in your projects, and irrationally overjoyed by positive magazine reviews that only exist in tiny pixels on your iPhone. It's just a delightful little world. Also works with the iPad. $4; Lite version free

The Adventures of Simon Pegg: If you like Simon Pegg—you know, Shaun of the freaking Dead?—as much as Kat does, listen up:

One of Gizmodo's favorite actors now has his very own app. Proving what a nerdlinger he is, Simon Pegg's graphic novel is available for iPhone, iPad and Android simultaneously in 68 eye-popping pages. The graphics tell the tale of his life, as told in great detail in his newly-launched autobiography Nerd Do Well


Universal app $3, also available for Android

Angry Birds Seasons: Try as we might to resist, how could we fail to be charmed by 20 some odd new winter-themed levels of the suddenly ubiquitous Angry Birds? Get your enjoyment in before the backlash starts, people! $1

Talking Santa: If there's going to be a kid anywhere near your iPhone or iPod Touch this season, you'll probably want to have an interactive Santa on there to keep 'em festively busy. This one will respond to various pokes and proddings and will repeat what you say back to you. You can record videos of Santa or make cards to send to friends on email or Facebook. WORD OF WARNING for Puritanical parents: one of Santa's many actions is showing you his cold Santa behind, so if your kid doesn't know what a butt is, be careful. $2