djay for iPad: Another App of the Day! One of the first truly compelling DJ apps for the iPad, djay will let you load two songs from your iPod library, automatically detect and match their BPMs, crossfade between the two, speed and slow their pitches, set and trigger cue points, adjust EQ, and record all the magic as its happening. You can "scratch" the tiny little records-which awesomely are stamped the files' artwork-to manipulate playback, or drag your finger across a waveform to jump through a song. Or just hit "automix" and let the app do the work. $20.

A Christmas Carol for iPad: Here's the ghost of Kat past to give us the scoop:

What I'd really like to see is a Muppet Christmas Carol iPad app, but while we're still waiting for that, Charles Dickens' classic will definitely do. Especially with its gorgeous steampunk look and interactive graphics and music.

There are 130 pages within this iPad app, which follows Scrooge as he meets up with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. There are Easter eggs a-plenty, apparently, so while the app costs $5 the little tykes-and you!-will get plenty of enjoyment out of this trip down memory lane.


Project: Whether you think iPad magazines are the wave of the future or just inevitably doomed gimmicks, it's still interesting to see what people are doing with the new format. Project does an admirable job, baking video into articles and adding some neat interactive doodads that make it worth perusing. $3.


Slingplayer Mobile for iPad: If you've got a Slingbox connected to your TV and have been waiting to get your iPad involved, the time has finally come! SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad lets you view and control your TV over Wi-Fi or 3G for $30.

Unfortunately it's not a universal app, so you're looking at $60 if you want to Slingify both your iPad and your iPhone. But nevertheless, it's probably the slickest (if not the only) way to get all your boob tube offerings on your tablet. $30.


DISH Remote Access for iPad: Tablet-wielding Dish subscribers, prepare for some convergence: The new Remote Access app lets couch potatoes browse listings, schedule recordings, manage DVR libraries, and, for those with Silng-enabled boxes, watch live TV right on the iPad. Free