You're probably got some big ticket items on your Christmas shopping list—something a little pricier under the tree for those few who deserve it. But those stockings need to be stuffed too! We've got killer sub-$15 buys covered.

1. Micro Sonic Grenade, $7.99: If you've got an workplace nemesis and/or annoying sibling you'd like to torment, then consider adding this excruciatingly annoying toy weapon to your arsenal. Find your target. Prime the grenade (5, 30, or 60 second timers). Then get the hell away, because the thing is about to let loose 115 decibels of shrillness—around the volume of a power saw. Then, gloat. And prepare for revenge. Uh oh. [ThinkGeek]

2. Constructible Drinking Straw, $14.00: Drinking: boring. Well, the process of drinking, at least. Sipping! Slurping! Shots! You've done it all. Why not innovate your liquid consumption with this custom straw set? Piece together a custom sucker with bendable connectors, allowing for all sorts of novelty drinking—including the ability to drink multiple drinks at once. The potential here is... dangerous. [MoMA Store]

3. LEGO Head Lamp, $9.99: There's probably some scenario, in the near near future, in which you will need to look around in the dark with both of your hands free. There are headlamps that can accomplish this. Is their source of light an awesome little LEGO man? No, probably not. This one's is. [ThinkGeek]

4. Mini Solar-Powered Car, $14.99: We always dig solar power around here. We also dig cool things that are extremely tiny. Put 'em together and watch this small (like, really small—only a few centimeters long) vehicle cruise around by the power of the sun. At the very least, a cheap way to freak out your cat. [ThinkGeek]

5. One Month of Netflix Streaming, $7.99: Okay, this can't technically go into a stocking. But if you look past its intangibility, streaming-only access to Netflix's terrific catalog of TV and movies is a great way to distract away a "friend" you don't feel like dealing with for a month. And there are more ways than ever to access their library—on your computer, on your phone, on your gaming console—it's a versatile gift, even if it only lasts for a month. [Netflix]

6. The Incident iOS game, $1.99: Again, not something that can be put in a giant festive sock, but this dodge-crap-as-it-falls-from-the-sky thriller is by far my favorite iPhone game. Beautiful, bright graphics. Simple, frantic gameplay. The perfect game to play while you're in line returning the Christmas gifts you didn't want—it's a terrific showcase of creative game design in every way. [iTunes]

7. iWoz, $10.17: In case you haven't been able to discern this for yourself, we really, really love Steve Wozniak around here. And for good reason! Beyond being a historical figure in the history of technology and all-around good guy, he's a fine writer, too. His account of his old days at Apple—and the moments that lead to gadgets as we know and use them today—is a great read. [Amazon]

8. Zen Magnets, $9.50: Let's just put aside the petty magnet tycoon bickering, and acknowledge that 72 tiny magnets in one package is pretty neat. Turn them into all sorts of cool shapes! Do whatever you want! Magnets are fun in any context—so let your Christmas recipient indulge in some geometry and physics geekery on the cheap. [Zen Magnets]