Google Books: Google's doing eBooks! And of course theres a Google ereader app that can handle all your reading needs.

Xfinity Mobile:Kyle says:

Xfinity Mobile, Comcast's first Android app, is live in the Android Market, allowing customers to manage their DVR recordings, check their email, and forward calls from their Xfinity Voice service at home to their smartphones. Xcool.

Gingerbread Launcher: Gingerbread is awesome, making Android waaay faster. But it's going to take a little bit of time for it to get to your phone. If you want just a tease of Gingerbread, as in the launcher, just download this app.
Image Credit: Geeky Gadgets

Loky: If you need some privacy on your phone, you know for your sexts, scandalous pics or mistresses, Loky promises to keep all those secrets hidden. It basically locks away information from the contacts you set. You can even add files to a "file locker" for extra defense. $4.70