Remains of the Beach Pneumatic Tunnel in 1899. [Oobject]

The Battersea Pneumatic Dispatch, which, in this image, was used to deliver mail. Later, a passenger carrying version of this system was developed elsewhere in London, at Holborn. [Oobject]

A BART alternative, Bay Area Gravity-Vacuum Transit, 1967. BAGVT just doesn't have the same ring as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). [Oobject]

ET3 - space travel on Earth, New York to Beijing in 2 hours. The ET3 system would be networked like a freeway, with interstate travel at speeds of 370 mph and international travel at 4,000 mph. [Oobject]

The Dalkey Atmospheric Railway in Ireland. [Oobject]

Goddard's NY to San Francisco vacuum train proposal. [Oobject]

Trans-Atlantic Vacuum Tube plus MagLev. [Oobject]

The Crystal Palace Pneumatic Railway. [Oobject]

A diagram of a giant blower for pneumatic rail. [Oobject]

A plan for a Manhattan Pneumatic Railway. [Oobject]

The Beach Pneumatic Transit System demo. [Oobject]

What remains of Brunel's Pneumatic Railway. [Oobject]