Watch out: Playing Pocket God, Bolt Creative's not-so-little iPhone game, might result in you having a little accident. Pocket God and its hapless Pygmies are poised to become full-blown phenoms with the release of all kinds of new adventures, including an animated Christmas—er, Fishmas special! Check it out...

And that's not all. Bolt Creative just released Episode 36: Konkey Dong; a brand new iPad game called Pocket God Journey to Uranus; Pocket God on Facebook, and two new PG comics on the iTunes app store! Read on to find out all the details...

Episode 36: Konkey Dong

Soon after the release of Episode 35: Double Rainbow all the Way Cross the Sky, an homage to the famous Internet meme, get ready for Episode 36: Konkey Dong. It pays homage to that familiar old-school arcade game, but with its own unique twist.


Pocket God Journey To Uranus

This high definition iPad game looks amazing and has the Pygmies traveling to the cold depths of space. You can explore space and the planets and find the games tied to each area. Games include "A-Hole in Time" a hilarious, yet intense Tempest clone, "Dragons On Uranus," homage to the arcade game, Joust, and "Volcano Blast," which is sort of like Paper Toss, but with, you know, volcanoes. So if you have an iPad, pick up Pocket God Journey to Uranus and roll with the Pygmies to the gas planet!


Pocket God on Facebook

Bolt Creative and their partner, Frima Studios, are calling Pocket God Facebook's first anti-social game, because it involves you starting your own virtual island where you will sacrifice pygmies. Through sacrifices, you will gain points, level up, and add new god powers. Pocket God on Facebook has many of the god powers you've come to know and love on the iPhone game, but has many new surprises. You can feed pygmies to a Venus flytrap, or help them get drunk on a coconut drink. The choice is yours. You can add friends as pygmy residents, at which point you can choose to be a benevolent or vengeful god. But lets face it; your friends probably deserve a little vengeance!


Pocket God: the Comic

In partnership with Ape Comics, Bolt is set to release the fourth and fifth issues for the Christmas season: The conclusion of "Gem of Life" (an adventure that takes the pygmies to a mysterious temple where the dead come back as zombies) and "X-Mas Marks the Spot" (a stand-alone holiday issue that involves a half-naked Santa, mutant Pygmies and the giant Ice Monster). Five issues of Pocket God: the comic with bonus pygmy peril content are available on the iTunes app store.


So if you've never heard of Pocket God on iTunes (also available on Android and, soon, Windows Mobile), crawl out from under the rock you've been hiding, and check it out. And don't forget to bring a change of underwear!