Google Maps 5.0: It makes Google Maps even better (even though it was already the best). Here's what Matt thinks:

Google Maps 5.0 for Android is here, and it makes every other maps app-including older Google Maps and Google Maps on the iPhone-seem straight-up Stone Age. Just watch.
Google's fundamentally changed the underlying architecture of Google Maps with 5.0-before it was tile-based, but now it's all done with vector graphics to dynamically draw the maps, so Maps uses around way less data than before.

Need For Speed: Shift: Need for Speed: Shift was already one of the best racing games on Android, the only problem was that it only came pre-installed on certain phones. Not anymore! For $5 you can enjoy the rich graphics and buttery smooth gameplay. It's totally worth it, if you dig these kind of games.

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD: More games! Spider-man Total Mayhem HD is available for $5 on Android (through the Gameloft mobile store). It's been on iOS and it's all kinds of awesome, where the action game is uber-popular and is fun to play (its fighting mechanism is solid and it's quick paced). At $4.99, it's quite a steal for such a full featured game, really.

Trillian: Whitson from Lifehacker says:

The stable version of Trillian has a few neat features that weren't in our first look at the beta, like the ability to stay connected to Wi-Fi even when the phone is asleep, as well as the ability to go into a "battery saving mode" where poll times are longer but won't kill your phone as quickly. The Push to Email feature is also nice (though it's been there for awhile), allowing you to suspend Trillian and push any incoming emails to IM so you don't miss any messages.

It's 5 bucks though.

Facebook: Kat says:

Hey, fire up the ol' Android, and update that clunky Facebook app. Notice anything? It's not as buggy! Plus, it now has Chat integration (with push notifications). It's a free download.

Finally, a good Facebook Android app?

Comics from Comixology: Comics! Move with the times and get them on your phone. Comixology is the largest digital comics store and it sells comics from DC, Dark Horse and Image, so you'll have a ton of options to choose from. The app has been around, so now Android have their chance at reading 2,500 digital comics and over 300 free comics from 40 different publishers.

Chumby: It turns your Android device into a Chumby, which means you can make your Android phone run Chumby flash-based apps and use it to stream media like photos, tweets, various status messages and more. It's supposed to be ideal for tablets and docked phones. If you're totally in love with Chumby (and you should be as it's 5 bucks), it's Chumby on your phone (but less cute).

LinkedIn: LinkedIn finally has an official Android app (albeit in beta) that lets you keep your professional social network in order. Most everything is there but full access to inbox, sharing and commenting and "people you may know" will come in future updates.