GigaPan Imager, used to take the highest panoramas on earth. [Oobject]
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Medical chests used on the British 1924 and 1938 Mount Everest Expedition. [Oobject]

Sir Edmund Hillary's Axe made by Claudius Simond, Chamonix France. Modern ice axes look almost nothing like this. [Oobject]

Everest trash: Oxygen cylinders recovered by the Nepalese government. [Oobject]

All the layers of clothing worn by Mallory on Everest in the 1920s. [Oobject]

Heinz Spagetti and Baked Beans, some of the tasty meals eaten on the 1933 Everest Expedition. [Oobject]

A $3500 Limited Edition Replica Parka as worn by the first person to conquer Everest. [Oobject]

Mt. Everest conquered with the aid of Luxor goggles. [Oobject]

The reduced size IMAX camera used to film Everest. [Oobject]

Ad for a windproof suit to aid Mount Everest climbers circa 1933. [Oobject]

Replica of 1920s Everest equipment. [Oobject]

A custom High Tech Summit Suit for a 2010 Everest climb. [Oobject]

Mountain Hardwear living up to its name on the summit of Everest. [Oobject]

A breakdown of the kit required for a present day Everest climb. [Oobject]

The first watch worn up Mt. Everest: A Rolex, but not an Explorer. [Oobject]

Replica of jacket worn by the cameraman on Edmund Hilary's Everest ascent. [Oobject]

Poisk, the Oxygen system used by most Everest climbers. [Oobject]

The 1980s era equipment used for the first Australian ascent. [Oobject]