It might be time to take your holiday gingerbread domicile out of the 19th century. If so, check out Hometta's inspiring cookie-fied Wedge House. It looks fantastic, and will immediately shut up any architecture snobs you're expecting for Christmas dinner.

Buying the blueprints to the actual Wedge House costs $3,195. The gingerbread version? $0.00. Sure, you might not be able to live in it, in the traditional sense of that term, and your holiday guests might feel uncomfortable when you insist that they "step inside for a tour," but who could blame you? It's a beautiful structure—who cares that it's held together with frosting? Great design is great design! The question is—are you allowed to glob gumdrops all over a minimalist structure? A great gingerbread debate will ensue. [Hometta via ArchDaily]


Reader Caitlin P. wrote in to say "I'm sorry but my Gropius Gingerbread House is way better and it's to scale, using the original plans of the Gropius House in Lincoln Massachusetts."


Them's gingerbread fightin' words, Caitlin. What do the rest of you think?

Update 2:

Oh shit! The sugar-based modernist shootout just turned into a three-way architectural grappling match, with reader Chris C. emailing in his holiday rendition of Frank Lloyd Wright's seminal Fallingwater. In graham cracker form. Bonus points for dramatic holiday lighting.


Update 3:

The battle for Wright's legacy intensifies as reader Radford P. submits his sister's best friend's (BIT OF A STRETCH, RADFORD!) version.


This take used "all organic ingredients - except for the cardboard base. Mixed nuts for river rocks, with a gelatin glaze laid over and melted in with a blowtorch to be the 'water'"


Organic nuts! Glazed gelatin! How refined—definitely a home run with the Whole Foods ilk.