Some of the most famous designs from Anderson's series were his trucks and space trucks. The 1970s Thunderbird 2 took half an episode to launch as they beamed messages back and forth into space, lowered palm trees, cleared a runway and raised a fire-break. [Oobject]

The Dinky Toys Eagle Transporter has a distinctive code shaped cockpit, and open truss backbone, was a classic toy from the UK series Space 1999. [Oobject]

Possibly the definitive classic vehicle from the Anderson series, the uniquely shaped UFO Interceptor. [Oobject]

The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle "has ten sets of wheels (six sets over the front, middle and rear axles which are double) and an auxiliary traction system of hydraulically lowered caterpillar tracks at the rear. The driver and passengers are seated facing backwards to reduce impact in the event of a collision, with a large video monitor displaying the road ahead and behind. A co-driver mans the weaponry systems, which include a front-mounted cannon." [Oobject]

The UFO SHADO 2 Mobile had a roof that flipped to reveal a spring loaded missile that could take someone's eye out, with careful aim. [Oobject]

The Spectrum Patrol Car was Captain Scarlet's fastest car. It had four-wheel drive, was 18 feet long, and could reach speeds of 195 mph with its gas turbine under the rear roof. [Oobject]

The Maximum Security Vehicle sported gullwing doors, the height of design sophistication in the early 70s. [Oobject]

Lady Penelope FAB 1 had a Beatles era license plate and looked a bit like a tricked out Rolls Royce. [Oobject]

Joe 90s Car was an early production and still had a design style that was reflected something between 50s scifi and the NASA Mercury program. It was a forerunner of the Thunderbird 2. [Oobject]

Joe 90 Sams Car, an earlier take on the classic cars for UFO. [Oobject]