Breanne French

Such a wonderful setup!

David Brown

We almost scrolled right past this photo until we noticed what's in the background. Just how many gingerbread houses does someone need?


Garrett Gutierrez

These fellas submitted a lot of photos and each one left us feeling awkward. So we decided to make sure that they're forever haunted by a photo in which they're hugging each other half-naked.


Garrett Hensley



Johnal Leifsson

At first we thought this photo was just a little bit of Photoshop magic, but it turns out that the humans were actually underwater for the snapshot. And they provided video proof. No evidence regarding how real the dog is though.


Jonathan Meyers

We were glad to see that our troops have holiday cheer no matter where they are.


Logan Edwards

We adored the creativity of this submission. I hope it was actually used as a holiday card.


Michael Velasquez

No snow? No worries. It's what they make packing materials for.


Nick Grover

We found ourselves completely mesmerized by the slight creepiness of this image.


Rob Lovingfoss

I really don't want to know what those teddy bears are doing.