Cardok, a secret room car elevator that's perfect for a secret getaway. [Oobject]

The amazing VW Autostadt. [Oobject]

A 1930s Automatic Car Park. [Oobject]

The system Grando, a cylindrical car parking system. [Oobject]

A robotic car park in Mumbai. [Oobject]

Douskos Car Parks: Mechanical underground parking station systems. [Oobject]

A robot car park in Dubai. [Oobject]

Carsafe by Westfalia Technologies, Inc. [Oobject]

The Pigeonhole Parking Lot. [Oobject]

Simmatec corp's Automated Car Parking System. [Oobject]

The Opel Tower system. [Oobject]

1928 Kent Garage elevator car park in New York. [Oobject]