Asus just pulled out their Core i5-powered, Windows 7-running Eee Pad Slate tablet, calling it "the most powerful tablet in the world." Probably so! They proved their point by simultaneously playing 1080p video and running photo editing software.

The video seems to be running without any problems, and the handwriting recognition Asus is showing off is pretty impressive. So far so good! And it certainly looks good on paper: 12.1" multitouch IPS display; 64GB SSD with 4GB memory; 10.1 Flash capable, etc. It is certainly big and bad, but what remains to be seen is how useful it'll be as a tablet.

Update: Hey! Look! Someone played with the Asus Slate over at the Windows Experience Blog. They say its a very capable "companion device," though it definitely sounds big: it "fits nicely between your hand and the crook of your elbow"..."although I will admit that I found myself getting fatigued holding the PC up to chat after a few minutes."

Personally, I can't wait for these stretchy tablets that Asus thinks are somewhere on the horizon.