Camera: Canon T2i; Lens: 50mm; Settings: ISO 100, 10 minutes @ f/8

This shot was taken near an overlook of Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, CO. It was a nice night for the challenge but I learned that it is a good idea to have a flashlight or headlamp with you when shooting at night. I set the camera up on the tripod and took several shots from slightly different positions. The challenge was fun but a little time consuming and when parked alongside a public road you start looking a little suspicious to cars passing by. In fact, a very pleasant police officer stopped, shined his light on me, and then asked me everything was okay. Luckily he didn't ruin any of the pictures with his spotlight.
-Aaron Knapp

Shooting with a Canon 5D Mk II, Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8 USM lens at 24mm, ISO: 100, Aperture: f/8, Shutter: 450 seconds (with intervalometer).
Running short on time, I dressed in stalker black and set out to my local park to see what I could find. I found this gnarly tree near an empty pool, lit by safety lights and passing cars. I had a couple other shots I wanted to take, but long exposures really add up, just a couple and a half hour is gone. Before I knew, it was bedtime for Bonzo. I couldn't see to focus, but luckily a) my lens tells me what distance I'm focusing at and b) I knew that the tree was approximately the hyperfocal distance for that focal length and aperture (thanks to last week's photo challenge—must admit I didn't understand that concept until afterwards). Thanks again for the challenge, I've only done two now and I've learned a ton. -Adam Thurtell

Nikon D7000 18mm, f/3.5, 20s exposure, ISO 320, Dolica ST600 Tripos

I went to the edge of this street by my house where you can overlook the 91 Fwy and 241. As I was taking my shots I noticed this light coming over the hills. I thought it was just city lights from Riverside (which is over the hill) but then I noticed it was actually the moon rising. I was freaking out because I've never witnessed the moon rising. Then I remembered the Gizmodo video challenge for the time lapse so I set my interval timer and took about 1150 shots. Also, while I was there a bunch of people were driving their cars down the street and taking pictures of the massive full moon (It looked so much more beautiful in person) but I thought I was going to get robbed or something even though this is like one of the safest neighborhoods ever. And it was really windy so I was afraid that my new tripod wouldn't perform, but it did. So thank you, Gizmodo, for giving me the chance to realize the potential of my tripod.
-Aman Singh

I tried several variations for this challenge, but was most pleased with this shallow depth of field picture. The shadows are cast by the moon, while the dim light from a distant house illuminated the shadowed side of wood pile and trees adding to the surreal qualities of shooting in this style. I think this will be fun to try again when it is above freezing.

This was shot with a Canon 5D Mk II, and Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. I used a Velbon #343E tripod, an excellent little travel tripod. Settings were 400 ISO, f/1.8, 32 seconds. Long exposure noise reduction on. Photoshop to crop and unsharp mask only.
-Andrew Payne

This is the first time for me to submit a picture here.
I took this picture with my brand new camera.
By the way, I'm from Germany :D
The person behind the tree is Quentin Swager. He also submitted a picture here.

Nikon D3000
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 200
150 sec
- Anna Albert

Never did get the time to get out of my own backyard for this weeks Night and Day-challenge.
Orion was passing overhead and Betelgeuse is making a run for it, at the top of the left palm tree.
Some city lights are making some disturbing light, but this beeing my first time trying to turn night into day, I was surprised how well it turned out.
It was fun!


Taken with my Canon 7D
Lens (Canon EF 28-135mm) at 28 mm (35mm equivalent: 44mm)
- f 16.0
Speed: 914 sek
-Annemette Kuhlmann

I took this photo in Austin, TX using a Canon Rebel XSi and the 18-55
mm (kit) lens set at a 44 mm focal length. I used settings of ISO 400
with an exposure of 60 seconds at f/11. It was very overcast when I
took the photo and I thought it would be a cool opportunity to draw
from the artificial city lights rather than moonlight to create a true
urban landscape. Luckily, a train happened to be crossing the river
while I was taking photos, which made for a really nice "ghost train"
effect. I really enjoyed this challenge because I had the opportunity
to use the BULB shutter setting which was a first for me!

Thanks for the fun challenge,
-Ann Marie Wilke

Taken with my Canon t2i, Tamron 10-24mm at f/3.5 100 ISO shutter 420 seconds.

It's halftime of the Steelers Jets game and unlike just about everyone else in my house, I'm sober. Possibly the most difficult part of my low carb new years resolution but that's beside the point. I decided that in 15 minutes I could totally climb on my roof and get a few shots for this weeks challenge. I agree climbing on my roof in 5° Cleveland sounds a lot like something a drunk person would be doing during halftime but I assure you there was no alcohol involved! 15 minutes turned into about and hour but I get back into the warmth just in time to finish the game!
-Anthony Mansoor

This didn't quite come out the way I wanted - I was at a local park and it was more overcast than I would have liked, and it looked different in moonlight than after the long exposure... I had a few under and over exposed images that had different elements that I particularly liked, so I took about 6 shots and put them into this HDR. I definitely wish this challenge were during a warmer time of year, though!
-Arthur Quintalino

Canon T2i
EF - 18-55 Lens
14 min. exposure
ISO 100

I really like this old oak tree, the years of neglect has built tons of character. The moon hadn't risen yet, so the sky didn't take on the blue that I had wanted. Instead the only light source was a couple HPS lights and a stop light a few hundred yards away. So I got this nice post-apacalyptic orange that works well with the scene. The star streaks as missiles flying over helps too.
-Brandon Caldwell

Shot with Canon 7d. 18-135 kit lens. 18mm f8.0 for 55 seconds.

This is an abandoned house that was never finished being built. Inside there is a staircase that is only half way finished with a hammer laying on the last step. No one knows the history behind this house, but the front gate to the driveway is locked and rusted over. Creepy to say the least. My friend ran into the shot accidentally, so you'll notice a ghostly figure in the middle of the picture, which just adds to the creepiness.
-Casey Sjogren

I went out with my husband while he was taking some night shots for this contest. I saw this old dead tree and thought it was cool so i borrowed the camera and took a couple of shots. I thought this one turned out nicely.
Canon Txi
18mm focal range
400 ISO
5 minute exposure
-Chelsea Walker

This is my first time doing the photo challenge and this was a lot of fun — my wife is a little worried about how much I've been leaving the house after midnight. It's an interesting challenge because you have little idea what you are taking a picture of until you take it.


There is a lake by my house in Columbia, MD and I figured I would go shoot that. It's a great place to be in the middle of the night since no one is around (although, there was an old couple walking their dog). I got some decent pictures of some sleeping geese on the lake, but my favorite picture came when I turned the camera around. Looking away from the lake gave me a half view of Orion along with a bluer sky, greener grass, and some nice yellow street lights.

Shot with a Panasonic DMC-FZ8
30 Sec Exposure
ISO 200
Color corrected in Photoshop Elements 9

Thanks Giz!
-Chris Kennedy

Shot right before midnight in an unrestrained industrial field
randomly found behind the many strip malls of connecticut..

Sony A200, 18-70mm 3.5f, ISO 400, 10 second exposure
-Christopher Mendillo

I first attempted to shoot the jetty that was right next to this picture but after a few 10 minute exposures I found that there was light pollution in the distance that was killing the shot. Before I packed up and walked back home I shot a single photo of this dredging pipe which pumps sand out of a local lagoon and into the ocean. This photo was taken at 10:00pm at Carlsbad State Beach in Carlsbad California.

Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Lens: Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 1600
30 second Exposure

Thank you,
-Cody Wilkinson

F8 30 seconds

14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor lense, D3 on Tripod

I was out for a Moonlight climbing trip and stopped when I saw my friends coming up the path to me. I waited for them to enter frame and let the camera do its thing. The lights are headlamps. We were on our way out of Hueco Tanks State Park in Texas.

-Craig Copelin

Camera: Canon 30D
Lens: Canon 24-70L 2.8 @ 25mm
Aperture: f/ 5.6
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: 5 minutes (I used an intervalometer)
Format: Raw .CR2 processed on Adobe CS3 @ 16 bit


Summary: So I finally decided to take part in a shooting challenge. Why this one? Well about a year and a half ago, I shot a photo at midnight of a cow in a pasture. What made it so special was that the photo looked like it was taken on a sunny day. When I showed the picture to friends, they often could not understand what was so special about the photo. I would tell them; "what if I told you that wasn't the sun." They would think about it..... then, OMG how did you do that?. Long exposure and a cow that stood very still. I included that photo, but not as my submission for the shooting challenge. The photo for the shooting challenge was a bit different. About 40 degrees different. Saturday night my buddy and I drove out of the city to get away from all of the light pollution. After about an hour of driving, we drove across a bridge that spanned the Haw river on the outskirts of Pittsboro, North Carolina. I had fished below the bridge in the past, and I knew that it could make for an interesting photo. Over the years, frequent visitors of the area have cleared out a make shift parking area in the woods and a trail down to the rocky river. Knowing we would be there a while, the first task was getting a fire going. After thawing my hands out, it was time to get down to business. I found a flat area along the bank to set up my tripod. Took some test shots, cranking my ISO to 1600 so I wouldn't be waiting as long for my results. After finding my desired framing, I dropped the ISO down to 400, calculated my new shutter duration (5 minutes) and went for it. As you can see in the photograph, the sky moves quite a bit in just 5 minutes. You can also see the red glow of our fire, on the underside of the tree branches hanging over the river. The photo was taken Sunday Jan. 23 @ about 1:30 A.M. I had a blast with this challenge, so expect more entries from me in the future!!

p.s. The timing of this challenge worked out well for digital SLR photographers. Shooting in low temperatures helps keep long exposure heat noise down.

Also, I attached a cool photo of the fire nestled in the rocks that kept us warm.

-Danny Boemermann

It was midnight and very cold. I was trying to create as much juxtaposition as possible for a photograph taken in the dark. Although snow on the deck would have made a nice touch. It was two days after the full moon so I had plenty of light, nice timing for this challenge. With two neighbors having an outside light that created a shadow element through the railing was better than expected. The lights are well over a hundred feet away so I am surprised how much impact there was. I am not sure about the reflection in my sunglasses, it seemed pitch black outside to me but long exposures pick up light everywhere. Great idea for a challenge. I still find it quite bizarre how dark it was and how much color appears in the photo.

Canon 7D
ISO 4000
f/ 3.5
30 Sec
-David Lantz

Shot with a Canon S90 at f/2 for 15s with iso 620.

This was shot in the Cal Poly SLO Horse Canyon looking up at the hills surrounding Cal Poly. Without a Bulb mode on my S90 and with no intervalometer for my 60D I decided to use the S90 for its extra fast aperture. I took a couple shots of the creek but the water just came out looking muddy so I chose this one (actually the first one I took) because I liked the contrast between the rocky trail(right) and the lush grass (left).

-Derek Pincus

Canon T2i, ISO 100, 0EV, f/8, 4 mins.

A church in Brookline, MA.
-Diego Jiménez

Hello Gizmodo! Long time photo challenge follower, first time participator! Here is my entry. It's from my Canon Digital Rebel XT, ISO 400, Aperture f/5.6, Shutter Speed 60 seconds. I was coming home from work on the day that the contest was announced, and I remembered that there was a supposed to be full moon. As I was going up my hill, I noticed the moon reflecting beautifully on Lake Washington, so I got home, grabbed my camera and tripod, then went down to the park and started taking pictures. This challenge was one I knew I had to do, since I mess around with extreme long exposure all the time, I knew I would come up with something good.


Well, that's my entry! Thanks Gizmodo, keep up with the awesome Photo challenges!
- Dom Arenas

I went to a park near where I live and took this shot of some houses across the creek. I got several strange looks from people who were walking their dogs, and it was cold. All I could hear while I was standing there was the ice cracking and shifting. It was quite eerie. The lights going across the top of the picture were three helicopters that flew by. Taken with a Canon Eos T2i, 55mm f/8 at ISO 200 for about 6 minutes.
-Donovan Myers


I have been a fan of the shooting challenge but this is my first entry as I wanted to wait until I had proper equipment (a DSLR and tripod) before submitting something. This shot is of a park on Mission Bay in San Diego, taken at around 12:30am. It was shot using my Rebel T1i, f11, iso 100 for 600 sec. using my 18-55mm lens. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out with the exception of the light flares from Downtown (across the bay). I wanted to give it another shot and try an even longer exposure but some local homeless guys decided to set up shop for the night near where I was shooting and I decided it would be best to move onto another location.

Thanks for your consideration,
-Frank Dennaoui

I took this picture last Thursday in Ås, Norway, just 30km south of the capital Oslo. It was a cold night with -13°C and the full moon was shining bright in my back. So I didn't need a very long exposure time with 182 seconds, f5.6 and iso 200. I used a Canon eos 450d with my favorite lens, the Tokina wide-angle 11-16mm. It was a really nice night and perfect for cross-country skiing. It was so bright, you didn't even need a head light. This oak is an amazing tree and probably the most popular photo motif for the students of the UMB (the Norwegian University for Life Sciences), which you can see in the background.
-Gerrit Timmerhaus

While avoiding drama and life in general and hibernating in my room with some yuengling I broke out my canon and set it up on the back of the couch in my room and pointed it out the window overlooking my deck.
Canon Rebel XS
30 sec. exposure
ISO 200
-Gretchen Hargrove

Took this shot with a Canon Rebel T1i using a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens. I carefully placed the camera on my bedpost and pointed it out the window, balancing the camera basically on the lens. It was also on top of a couple hats, so I didn't feel worried about it falling too much. Used a remote shutter to pull off the 8 minute exposure at F8 using ISO 100. Reminds me how Sunrise looks from the same spot, because the window faces East, so the sunrise is almost the same spot. The light source is actually a street lamp by an intersection.


Was going to try something else, but last night was -2F, which was far too cold for me!
-James Grabow

I went out to Butcher Jones by Saguaro Lake outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally it was to take photos of the Baja but it was not looking 'Day' enough. I am submitting the desert shot into the competition. Not sure what I was doing wrong but I couldn't get my camera to stay open for more than 30 seconds.


Shot with a Nikon d90
f-stop f/4
Exp bias +5 step
focal 28mm
-Jason Pawlik


I went out on a 12°F friday night after a week of 2 snowstorms. My intent was to photograph the city of Bethlehem, PA from a lookout on top of South Mountain at Lehigh University, instead I caught the moon rising in the east behind trees, it was huge and orange. I raced in my car on half snow-covered back roads to find a nice wide open field to get some good shots of it before it got too far off the horizon and lost all of it's flare. I found the location and quickly parked my car on the outside of a 90° corner on the back road. I rushed out and set up my tripod in the light of the moon since I forgot to bring my flashlight. I started with two 30" exposures at ISO 100 and 800. I need more shutter time so I plugged in my remote (why the D3100 doesn't work with a wireless is beyond me) and set my shutter to bulb. I captured this shot at around 75 seconds, f5.6, ISO 200, focal length 18mm. This was my first location of the night and bagging the keeper took a load off. I spent the next 2 hrs. ontop of and inside of Bethlehem. I love taking long exposures at night and enjoyed getting out on a cold night.

-Jeff Browne

We were predicted to get 1-3 inches of snow, then that changed to 2-4, then to 3-6, but ended up with about 8 inches by the time all was said and done. I started snapping pictures around midnight, about halfway through the snowfall. I took three 30 second exposures at f/9.5, f/19, and f/4.5 and combine them into this photo. I used a Canon T2i with a Tamron 10-24mm lens @ 10mm.

Jeremy Childress

Here is my entry for the Day shooting challenge:

This is a boat docked at the Canton waterfront in Baltimore, MD. I used a Canon Rebel XT, 24-105 lens at 73mm, f/16, ISO 200, and 65 seconds. It was freezing cold out, so I wasn't thinking as clearly as I could have, not realizing that the boat would move a little it during the exposure. Unfortunately, in Baltimore there are ugly sodium vapor lights everywhere that cast an ugly orange color cast. I had to push the white balance almost all the way in Aperture during post-processing.
-Joe Russo

Canon t2i
30 second shutter
f/8 ISO 6400
I got up early on Saturday(1-22) for work and figured I had time to get some shots of this huge tree out in front of my neighborhood and first shot this is what I came up with. Thought it looked cool and hope everyone else does too.
-Jordan Seagle

For this challenge I was hoping to capture the Taipei skyline at night, but every night this week its been overcast and rainy. Unfortunately you can't really see it from my photo, but since this is the 100th year of the ROC, they have a huge "100, R(heart)C" on all sides of Taipei 101. Sunday night was my last chance for this challenge and it was still overcast and very windy. I went up on the roof of my office building and staked out a spot near the ledge. After setting up my camera and newly purchased external shutter remote, I started experimenting. I held an open umbrella to the side of my camera to help block the wind. I used lightroom to slightly push the exposure and brightness. Thanks for another great challenge.


Camera: Canon T1i
Lens: Canon 18-200IS at 18mm
ISO: 200
Shutter speed: 60 seconds
-JT McGrath

MoonLight Tan

Hi Guys Thanks for the opportunity!!
So I live in Puerto Rico, where there is beach everywhere. I was at a friends house and i explained the challenge to them they liked it so bad that we all went to the beach to take some pics, I Had my Canon T2i, with a 24-70 F2.8, and a Slik Tripod, the settings were Iso 400, F 8, Shutter 302 secs. and at 24mm. I did several pictures of 8 guys playing soccer, standing there for 5 mins!! but this one was the more sharp! It was really Fun.
-Juan Lizarzaburo

I was camping with my son at San Elijo State Beach in San Diego, CA when I took this photo of a lifeguard stand in the middle of the night on Jan. 23rd, 2011. Since I did not have a tripod, I just leaned my camera against the staircase. When I was editing I noticed you cans see the constellation Orion in the clouds at left.

Tech: Nikon D3 17mm, f2.8, 6 seconds, ASA 4000

-K.C. Alfred

Driving home from my weekend, I spotted the sun setting on my favorite mountain here in Nevada, Mt. Wheeler. I thought it would be a great subject for this weeks project. 5D Markii 35L, 84 sec, F/1.4, ISO 100.
-Kyle Ford

I just recently purchased a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera and I wanted to test it out, I saw this weeks contest and I figured I'd give it a shot. There is a club house in my neighborhood, and it has a 32 acre lake, and I thought this would be a great place to do this at. As you can see, there is an orange glow on the dock, they have a rope light going around the roof and it added a little color. The shadows on the dock show where the moon was at in the sky (That streak in the sky is a plane). This was my camera settings:

- ISO 400
- F/11
- 25s Exposure
- 2 Second self timer on tripod
-Kyle Harvison

I took this picture from my balcony. It was the night of a full moon so it looks like the sun, adding to the "day at night" effect. I live close to downtown San Diego, so it never gets too dark around here with light pollution everywhere. I have never shot a photo at night with the intention of making it look like day. This was an interesting challenge. I shot at 18mm, f/8, ISO 400, for 60 seconds with a Canon Rebel Xti.
-Levon Monte

Hi there, attached to this e-mail are the copies of my images I'm submitting for this week's Gizmodo Shooting Challenge.


After being told for years I take good photos with my ancient 4 MP camera, I finally decided to drop the cash on a dSLR, and picked up a Canon t2i. Not knowing what to do with it apart from the auto modes thus far, I made a New Years resolution to get out there and learn how to use my camera. I wasn't sure what to do for this challenge, but with nothing between the city I live in and the Gulf of Mexico but marsh, I set out Friday afternoon to find a place to shoot. When I saw the sign on the side of the canal I knew it was perfect. I returned at 10 PM and took shots for an hour or so. The moonlight was so bright that anything at ISO 400 or higher was overexposed after 5 minutes or so. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know my camera better and work on my photography skills!

Sign— Posted: NO Tresspassin [sic] Fishing Crabbin [sic]

Canon t2i 50mm lens ISO 400 f/5.6 5 min. exposure
-Loren C. Klein

I used a Nikon D90 with the kit 18-105 lens. I shot this at F/3.8 at ISO 2200 for 5 seconds at 22mm.


Story: I set out with my camera to do night shots around the city. I didn't have a tripod because i didn't really expect to take any pictures. It was cold outside and I was just out to get a few things. When I was on my way home I realized that the moon was almost like a harvest moon. I knew I had to stop. When I got to the lake I figured out where I needed to be to get the right shot and I positioned myself. Since I hadn't brought a tripod with me I searched through my car and found a box that my mom had left in it. It was a small box that paper had come in with a small lid that was a perfect angle to shoot the lake and the moon. I sat out for an hour and a half waiting for the moon to get just right. It was a scorching 28 degrees Fahrenheit and my toes were numb. At the end of the night I didn't think I had gotten anything great but when I got home I realized that I had gotten a couple of okay shots. Me being an amateur photographer just starting out I was very pleased. Overall I enjoyed the challenge and liked that it made me get out and leave my comfort range to try something new.
-Madison Cox

I took this picture at 9:00pm on the night this contest was announced. What struck me the most interesting was how the sodium vapor streetlight looks like the afternoon sun coming through the trees, giving the nearby trees a warm, yellow glow, while the tree in the upper left is lit with the cold light of the moon.


Camera: Olympus E-510
Lens: Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f 1:3.5-5.6 (kit lens)
Exposure: 89s, f/5.6, ISO 400
Focal Length: 14mm (28mm 35mm equivalent)
Flash: off
-Mark Clem

After literally just finishing two different photo shoots, my friends and I decided to tackle this week's photo challenge. First thought? Marshes! Although I had never shot here before, I figured it would still be fun. Luckily the moon was bright and the sky was clear. Ideally I would have liked to camp for a bit and get some star trails but it was far too cold to hang out for an hour or so. Shot on a Nikon D7000 with the 16-35mm f/4 VRII. Exposure of 30 seconds at f/4 and ISO 800.
- Matthew Schulz

I shot this using a Canon Rebel XT along with the 18-55 kit lens. f11, 12 minute exposure, 800 ISO. I took this last night on a beach at Limekiln State Park in California. I was surrounded by cliffs on both sides so there wasn't any moonlight. I got there after sundown so it was difficult to compose. The red color is a result of a stop light up on the cliffs about 300 feet behind me. I was disappointed when I finally got home and uploaded these pictures and noticed some sort of blue dots peppered on the image. I'll try to shop them out when I have more time. I'm still very excited with how this turned out. It was my first attempt at a night for day shot. The red cliffs, the blue sky, the silky creek, and the misty ocean have a very surreal look to them. The waves were really pounding along the rocks while I took this. There were a couple moments when I thought I was going to have to grab the camera and run from the waves but they never came that high. It was difficult to see so I couldn't tell how big they were. Fortunately my camera and I got stayed dry.
-Mike Lyons

My husband got me interested in doing some of the Gizmodo shooting challenges, and as luck would have it, it was the coldest weekend of the year in DC. It was also windy, so not the best weather to stand around waiting for long exposures, but we persevered. While a Lensbaby might seem an odd choice for a challenge of this type, I ended up with slightly better shots than with my more conventional lenses. In case you can't recognize it, that's the Lincoln Memorial from across the Tidal Basin (standing on the front steps of the Jefferson Memorial. This was taken with my Panasonic Lumix G2 with a 4/3 mount Lensbaby with double glass optic and telephoto conversion at f/11, ISO 200, 50 seconds. (I think — Lensbaby's weird that way.)
-Mya Riemer

Photo was taken at the Curu Wildlife Refuge, Peninusla of Nicoya in Costa Rica. Curu it's close to the public after hours unless staying in one of the cabin's they have for rent; this night my wife and I were the only ones on the park so we had an entire private beach to ourselves. The light in the distance is from the port of Puntarenas.
-Pablo N. Piedra

Shot with my Nikon D70s
Exposure Time: 121s
Focal Length: 50mm on my 18-200mm nikkor lens
Taken at around 11pm
This is my first submission, after many many months of weekly keeping up with the challenges, this one seamed very Interesting. The example shot seamed impossible that it was done at night and really wanted to try it out for my-self. I went out on 2 nights to take some pictures, Wed was the full moon and it finally cleared up much later at night. I got some photo's I was happy with but I realized that they did not really capture the spirit of this challenge so I went out Thursday night and decided to head to the cemetery. Sadly I could only see the moon threw some thick cloud so I had to shoot with the available light pollution that my great city was offering me. It was still night and it took a lot of experimentation to get the settings just right. I think what turned out was a great shot.
-Paul MackKenzie

I couldn't get the water shot from the challenge post out of my mind - so I headed for the creek. These are the first nighttime photos I have taken - thanks for the shooting challenge series it really helps the learning process.


I took this shot with a Nikon D5000 Kit Lens (18-55), f3.5, ISO 200 and a 30 second exposure.
-Perry Skoglund

2011.01.21 Rauma, Finland, Europe, Earth
Canon PowerShot G7
Canon LA-DC58H lens adapter
Nikon FC-E8 0.21x fisheye converter
Unomat video studio tripod
Exposure 15 s
Aperture 2.8
ISO 200
White balance Tungsten
Post processing with Gimp to required sizes and level adjusting


I set the tripod under slanted roof window. Unfortunately it was a
cloudy night and during exposures it start to rain snow, which was not
evident during shooting. Scene light is from light pollution from
sodium lights which reflects from low hanging clouds. Local street
lights are mercury-vapor lamps and shows as blue lights due to white
-Perttu Keinänen

My brother's house in Wrightwood, CA at around midnight. The clouds are lit up from the lights of greater Los Angeles.
Nikon D50
18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 200
227.5 seconds
-Quentin Swager

Missile launch - Petronas

I searched high and low for the moon, but on this side of the earth -Singapore- we had none, just clouds and rain... I was over in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a night, and I thought that Petronas towers might be a good subject for an extended exposure. The shot was taken from the Revolving Restaurant (Menara KL). This is my first entry for a challenge, YaaY!! I did not have a tripod, so I tried to be still and held it against the window. Took a number of shots, and this one seems like the pick of the lot. It was a handheld shot (15 sec), f-2.8, ISO 200, taken with a Canon T2i (550D). Pic cropped and tweaked in DPP.
- Rahul Nair

Taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, with Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
ISO 400, 30 seconds @ f/4.5

Have been wanting to do a photo challenge since I bought my camera last year. Picked the coldest night so far to take the picture. After failed attempts at another location, thought about a spot I had photographed during the fall that had a bridge over a small stream. With all the snow, and little light from the overcast, snowy sky I was able to come up with this shot shortly after 11pm on Saturday night. A little more orange than I had hoped but with the snow there is not that much colour to capture. As a first attempt at night photography on a -20 degree Celsius night, I think the results were above my expectations.
-Richard Hirschmann

This is a shot taken at Pupukea Beach on the North Shore of Oahu at about midnight under the light of a full moon. This challenge kept me busy while waiting for Eddie Aikau surfing contest that didn't happen.


The picture was taken with a Canon 7D with a Canon 10-22 lens.
The camera settings was set to bulb exposure at 180 second, ISO 200, f/8, focused to infinity.
-Robert Nakama

I drove down an old road outside Sacramento around midnight, saw the barn, put my Canon Txi on a tripod, set it to ISO 400, f3.5, 18mm focus, and gave it a 30 second exposure, and I packed up and went home, because it was cold.
-Rusty Walker

Picture is of the Northern NJ sky, from my house, through some trees
in my backyard. Taken with my Canon T2i/550d with a Sigma 10-20mm
f/4-5.6, at f/11, 300s, ISO 400. Tweaked quite a bit in lightroom.

Ryan Maple

This was a tough one for me. The best I was able to come up with was the above, which is more of a "Day" shot during the haze of a nuclear winter. I really wanted to capture the blue of the sky with the trace of moving stars, but just wasn't able to. Something to work on, though. It was a 2 minute exposure shot at 10:40pm, f/18, iso 400 at 128mm.
-Ryan Meyers

I braved the freezing temperatures of a southern Californian night and set up my camera on a crappy off-brand Gorillapod that had a leg shoddily glued in and let my sensor take in the light. I've learned that I need to work on my focusing-on-stuff-in-the-dark-of-2:00-AM skills.

Nikon D50, ISO 200, 18-55 Kit Lens @ 18mm, f/9, 30 minute exposure.
-Ryan Morse

Camera: Canon Rebel 300D
Lens: Sigma 24-70 HF Shot at 24mm
ISO: 400
Aperture: f/10
Shutter: 867s


This was taken in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek Campground. I tried numerous shots trying to spot the North Star, but didn't quite get it framed right. This one nailed the angle I was looking for.
-Shane Duff

I didn't have a lot of time to plan for this one due to an unexpected work trip, but Prettyboy Dam in northern MD popped into my mind as a good subject, due to the geometry of the south-east-facing dam being illuminated nicely by the nearly full moon to the south-east. Standing around in the dark and cold at midnight is boring so I conned two of my buddies into hanging out with me (aka we brought some beers).


Due to lack of equipment and an unwillingness to stand with my finger on the shutter in the 10ºF cold, I was limited to a 30 second exposure, so I cranked up the ISO to 1600, and found f/4 to be about the sweet spot for good exposure. The tree and shrubs in the foreground as well as the top of the hill on the far side of the dam are illuminated by a single street lamp about 50 feet behind me and to the left. Shot on a Canon XTi with a Tamron 17-50mm lens, on the cheapest tripod I think has ever existed.

-Shaun Wrightson

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XT
Lens: EFS 18-55mm kit(?) lens
Setup: Shutter priority (Tv), 400 ISO, 30 second exposure time and
used the self-timer to reduce shake


I bought a used digital SLR so that I can take better pictures than
those provided by P&S cameras and decided to partake in this challenge
as a learning experience. Plus, I've witnessed awe-inspiring scenes I
wish I could take pictures of and have turn our good.

I mounted the camera on one of my tripods and took it out to the end
of the driveway to get this shot. The image looks more like early
morning hours but I think it looks good for just starting to use the
camera and learning that you shouldn't use a UV filter with night
shots. I took a handful of pictures around the neighborhood but this
won out over the other two that looked decent. The first thing my
wife said was the snow near the camera looked like sparkling diamonds.
-Steven Elling

I took a trip into New York City this weekend with some friends to do some light writing. Someone pointed out what the Gizmodo challenge was, so I decided to take advantage of my tripod and try to grab some shots from Madison Park. Full of fresh Shake Shack burgers, I saw a beautiful view of the Empire State Building. I took a few exposures, and unfortunately, the ambient light in the area limited me to about a 30 second exposure before everything started getting blown out. I like the golden cast of everything, though.


Technical Details:
D700 with the 16-35mm f/4. Shot at f/8, 30 second exposure, ISO 200, 16mm. Some minor adjustments done in lightroom (exposure down a half stop, upped blacks a little).
-Tony Lanza