Took this picture last week the day NYC got burred under snow yet
again. I had to compose this picture in a hurry since I was standing
in the middle of the snow covered Park Avenue and the yellow cabs
didn't seem to care much for Bokeh.
Taken with Canon T2i with Canon's 50mm f1.4 lens. IS200, f1.4, 1/80
- Aleks Ozerov

I read up on DIY bokeh filters and carefully constructed one of my own to mount on my 50mm lens, however, I did not enjoy the results as much as the standard bokeh results. This is a shot taken in my kitchen of a faux apple sitting on the countertop with the fridge and under-cabinet lights in the background, pleasantly out-of-focus. Equipment used: Canon 5DM2, Canon EF 50mm F1.8 @ f/1.8, ISO 400, 1/5sec.
-Alex Stevenson

I used my Canon Rebel T1i with the kit lens. f/5.6 1/30 sec iso-800 50mm. Despite my many shots I liked one of my first shots the best. I will post some more on
- Andrew VandenHeuvel

Although it is January, the evening was beautiful and surprisingly
warm, giving me an excellent opportunity to create a bokeh effect
using skyline lights. I found that using live view was really helpful
in creating these shots, because I had more control over the bokeh.
Canon Rebel XSi, ISO 400, 29mm, 1.0s, f/4.5.
-Ann Marie Wilke

Taken at the local air park, I made friends with the lady at the FBO who allowed me to run out and grab this shot on the ramp - it only cost me, well, that's between me and her. I'll recover. Equipment: Canon 5d Mark ii with 100mm 2.8 lens and an index card with an airplane shape cutout.
- Austen Amacker

I took this shot of my two nephews, Ben and Cesar, at a family gathering Sunday afternoon. SoCal in January is rough since we had to put long sleeves on before we started BBQing. While I was manning the grill, I caught the perfect opp to snap the boys. While I asked Ben to freeze, Cesar took it upon himself to pop a wheelie. The shot I missed happened 2 seconds later when Cesar was laid out on the ground. I was laughing to hard to snap that one.


Shot with a Canon 7D, 24mm f/1.4L lens, at 1/100 sec, f/1.4, ISO100.
- Billy Cocker

My pet Dalek makes a reappearance. The subject was about 30 inches away from the camera. I had draped black cloth and white christmas lights about 10 feet behind the subjext. Actually, this is a composite of two shots, one with the Dalek in focus, and one with the background lights highly out-of-focus.


Taken with a Canon EOS 60D, 1.3 second exposure at f/6.3, ISO 100. Auto white balance, no flash.
- Brian Hall

Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-70mm f/2.8, 1/1250 sec at f/2.8 70mm, 200 ISO

When I saw the theme of this week's challenge I decided to explore "nature". I usually prefer to photograph people but I was in need of some time with myself and clean air and what better than a few hours in a sunny afternoon at the LA County Arboretum?!
-Carolina Blengini

This photo was taken with a Nikon D5000 using a Nikor 50mm 1:1.4 lens. I first received this lens with a 1966 Nikkormat body for my 15th birthday in 2000. I never new how great a lens It was until 6 months ago and I hate to say that it sat around for most of the time between then. My wife and I got the D5000 about a year ago and we have been playing a lot with the short range capabilities of this older lens. Having to use the manual settings took some getting use to but it is paying off with great shots. I read about your Bokeh contest late friday night and decided to make it a Bokeh weekend. This shot was one of about 100 I took over the past few days. It was taken in doors in front of a white wall and silver photo frame. No editing was done other than cropping and it was just a quick shot that i didn't think would be very good. After looking through them I was surprised to see that this one came out the best. Shutter speed was 1/80, other than that I am not sure because the manual lens doesn't record this information.
- Chris Foster

I had taken this picture friday night. They snow storms have been coming ever few days in the NY area, so you can see mounds of snow in the picture. That building to the left is the high school, and the lower red dots are a car. This weekend has been my first real experience with a DSLR, borrowed from a friend, a Nikon D40. The settings for the shot were ISO-800, 55mm, f/5.6 and no flash. Shooting with a DSLR has been a blast, and I hope to become more of a photographer in the future.
- Chris Gold

This is actually a photo of the Austin city skylight over the Colorado
River. I think the bokeh translation is quite nice.

Canon Rebel XSi, ISO 400, 49mm, 1.0s, f/5.6.

Thanks for the fun challenge!
-Chris Ready

We got a break from the frigid winter in OKC this week on Thursday and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather by grabbing my camera and a buddy and took a "site visit" for work. One of our designs for a tech school in the metro is was having steel set and provided for some pretty cool photo opportunities. I'm a sucker for raw steel and when I saw the bundle of joists lying on the rust red Oklahoma dirt, I discarded my concern for my slacks and button up and got a little dirty.

Camera: Canon EOS 30d
Lens: Tamron: 18-75
Focal Length: 48mm
Exposure: 1/1000 sec.
Aperature: f/4
ISO: 100
- Colin Fleck

This is my first entry into Giz's shooting challenges. I've always wanted to do it, but either laziness or school stood in the way. However, when I first saw the theme of this week's contest I just had to do it. I first read up on a few techniques then drove all the way down to Phoenix International Airport, went to the very top of the highest parking garage ($5!), and shot with my T2i for at least three hours. All of the shots were... good, but on my way home I decided to stop as I saw a few trees with Christmas lights still on them. Of course, the shot that came out of that was the best. Isn't that how it always goes, though? Photoshop allowed me to reduce intensity of the blinding Christmas light and touch up a couple of the blurred lights. This photo was shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D) with the kit 18-55mm lens attached, at ISO 800 and f/5.6. It was a 1/25sec exposure.
- Conner Owen

Greetings Gizmodo Photo Challenge,
Here his my submission:

• Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera Kit (EF-S 18-55mm kit lens)
• Settings:
- Shot in RAW and unedited other than saving as JPG from iPhoto and resizing with Adobe CS3
- Lens: EF-S 18-55mm
- ISO 400
- Focal length: 43mm
- Aperture: f/5
- Shutter speed: 1/3
- WB: Fluorescent


• Story behind shot: I've seen these challenges before and have always enjoyed looking at the awesome photography. Little did I know, friend of mine from work has been entering in them. This time I thought I would give it a shot now that I finally have a choice camera (Rebel T2i was a perfect fit for me). My first Gizmodo challenge is this bokeh challenge and after reading through the challenge/method/examples; I finally formed my own idea. I knew that lights (IMHO) would be the best thing to get bokeh on and I knew where in my city that I easily get the excellent bokeh at night. I needed something clever to focus on; so I chose my Buddy Christ figure (thought that folks might get a kick out of it you know). And it took me three nights to finally get the shot I wanted and was satisfied with.
- Daniel Jennings

When this shooting challenge came out I decided that I wanted to shoot something that was a little out of the ordinary. The most obvious things that I could think of to shoot would be Christmas lights (yes I still have some up) or a night scene with street lights, so those were out. The first day the contest was out I was looking around my house for some small lights that would give me some sort of shape when I blurred it, when I looked over and saw my Ooma VOIP system sitting on the shelf. That night I turned off all the lights and set up my camera to shoot my Omma. They weren't really coming out the way I wanted them to come out until I decided to zoom in a bit and concentrate the shot on one part of the device. After lots of fidgeting and playing with settings I settled on this picture. I like the way you can see different shapes with out being able to really tell what they are.


Canon Rebel Xsi Lens EF-S 18-55mm ISO 100, f/10, 5 sec shutter speed, Focal length 55mm
- Dan Pietrini

Camera: Nikon D3000
Lens: 35mm
ISO: 100

This shot was taken near sunset in my backyard. There is a small pond with lots of vegetation surrounding it, and as the sun sets behind the bushes it makes for interesting patterns of light. I took a variety of shots, but ended up liking the composition of this profile shot of my dog with the bokeh effect over her head. What you can't see is the mallard duck she is staring at so intently!
- David Garver

Konica TC camera with Kodak 35mm ISO 200 film.
Hexanon 57mm lens at f/1.2. Shutter 1/125 sec.
Chinese lantern on top of a brick fence.
I used film to maximize Bokeh since I don't have a full-frame digital camera.
- David Lee

Camera Specs: Canon T2i, ISO 100, 50mm, 0EV, f 2.0, 1/200.

This photo was taken in (freezing) Scituate, MA.
- Diego Jiménez

During the night of one of the Northeast's Snowpocalypses (I've lost count by now - maybe the third or fourth?), I was home alone and decided to take out my dad's tripod to attempt this challenge. For anyone who lives in a fairly suburban or rural area, you know what it's like to live on a street with only one streetlight, and luckily, there is one right at the end of my driveway. This meant I didn't have to go too far for the shot, however from a creativity standpoint, I didn't have a lot of options. I tried shooting through a stained glass window, through the front door and from different focal lengths, but nothing came out quite as satisfactorily as this one did. Shot on 60D with 24 1.4L II, 2.5s, 1.4, ISO 100 on a Slik U112.
- Geoff Yen

Nikon D700, 105mm, IS0 320, f/3, 1/10, shutter priority, tripod

This was fun. Thanks for teaching me about bokeh!
I took many shots of potlights, chandelier lights, outdoor Christmas lights and got some lovely abstract circle photos. Then I thought I should try something more. After getting the technical aspects fixed with an in-focus item and some blurred lights in the background, I settled on a clock. I placed it on a table with outdoor Christmas lights in the background and then noticed I should include the reflection in the table for composition. The blue colour of the lights was distracting to me so I made it black and white. The final product feels like some kind of statement about time.
- Jacqui Jenson-Roy

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lenses: Nikon 100mm f2.8 Series E & Nikon 35mm f2.5 Series E
Focal Length: 100mm (I think, what happens when you put two lenses together?)
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: .5 sec
F-Stop: f5.6 (second lens was at f2.5)


I guess this is bokeh, it's all blurry right? I'll just explain my setup and let you decide. One Nikon 100mm AI lens + reversing filter adapter + Nikon 35mm AI = really close macro. Not sure the exact magnification, but better than 1:1, I'm guessing 2:1. Point this rig at a clear water bottle (filled) on top of a DVD (blank) wrapped with Christmas lights (on).

Shooting and then shifting through 148 psychedelic macro images (with about a 1mm DOF) has left my brain fried, I'm going to lay down now.
- James Fryer

EF 24-70 2.8L lens; Canon Digital Rebel XTI; 1/160 sec @ f2.8, ISO 100

I grabbed a collender from the kitchen, stuffed a yellow plastic bag in it, hung it over one my strobe lights and fired away.
- James Rand

Took this shot in my living room. My wife always has candles burning in our house, so I gathered up all the candles she had lit in the living room and arranged them on our coffee table. I moved our couch out of the way so I could sit on the far side of our living room from the coffee table. I'm a total rookie, so I shot this with no tripod and just basically held the cross at different distances until I grabbed a shot I liked. The cross was from our son's funeral last spring, so I couldn't think of a better item to focus on for my first shooting challenge. Used a Pentax k-x, 18-55mm (at 55mm), f 5.6, ISO 800.
- Jason McLean

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, F/4, ISO-200, Exposure 5 Seconds. focal length 25mm.

Just got this budda. Though it would be a good subject for a use of bokeh. I had some red tea candle lanterns I thought would blur out pretty good. I took many picutres - different angles, different distances, spaced the laterns in different spots, spent a lot of time staging really. Turns out I liked the very first one I took best. I cropped it some to remove the side of my house. I wish I had used some light, the red deck actually looks pretty good, but it got washed out when converting to jpg.

Can also be seen here:
-Javier Valencia

Hi there!

Please see the attached photos for my entry for this week's shooting challenge.

For this photo I used my Nikon d60 with an 18-55mm lens with the focal length set to 48mm. My aperture was set to f/5.6 with an ISO of 200. My husband and I were on a date night in downtown Orlando and he was kindly indulging my new-found love of photography. We ate at a great restaurant and then strolled around Lake Eola to get this shot of the city lights. I've had my dSLR for a year or two but haven't stepped too far away from the auto settings. This was a fun project for me because it let me explore aperture priority mode for a bit and made me realize that it was not so scary after all.


I've attached the original photo of the lake so you can see what I saw... before it got all blurry.

Jennifer Palmer

Photo Data:
Camera: Nikon D70s
Lens: Nikon 18-200mm VR II
@ 18mm, f/3.5, shutter speed @ 1/1250 sec, ISO @ 200.
Tiffen 81a Warming Filter


My dog always rests his head against the door of the car and stares out the window while we take the trip between my parents house in NJ and my apartment in DC. He's pretty much like a small child, it's pretty damn adorable.

Theres not a strong Bokeh in this photo, but it's kinda neat that everything outside of the car window is Bokeh, adding to the inside/outside feel. I didn't want to send in a photo that had huge Bokeh circles since that will probably be pretty common.
-Jim McMahon

Here is my entry for Bokeh:

While shooting some christmas lights for the shooting challenge, one of my cats wandered down to see what I was doing. While she was sniffing around, I pulled out my flash and bribed her with a twist tie to keep her interested and in the frame. For the picture, I used a Canon 60D and Canon 24-105 lens @105mm, f/4, 1/30 sec and ISO 100. For flash, I used a LumoPro LP-160 on camera right at 1/32 power and 105mm. This is a composite of two pictures, one where the Bokeh came out best, and one where Dory came out best, done in Photoshop.
- Joe Russo

Nikon D60
Sigma 105mm Macro
ISO 400
105 mm
Shutter 0.6s

I was messing around with pictures of Christmas tree lights to get some ideas and noticed that the lights were primarily red, yellow and green, which made me think of a stop light. I grabbed a diecast model of an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (from the James Bond movie, Die Another Day) that I have and placed it on top of a box that I covered with a grey blanket to simulate aphalt. I draped a black blanket over a chair so the lights would would stand out. The Christmas tree lights were tough to work as they weren't staying in position just hanging over the blanket, so I used some black electrical tape and taped them to a pen to set them in a row. I used another blanket to cover the other lights around the three subject lights. Set the car about 5 feet from the lights and my tripod about 3 feet behind the car. Stopped down to 5.6 and focused on the rear of the car to get the bokeh effect. Used a handheld light to illuminate the rear of Aston. I took about 50 pictures of the lights as green, yellow, red from top to bottom, then realized they were inverted and had to reset the lights in the correct order. Whoops! 100 or so shots (including the errors) and I liked this one the best.

- John McGrail

I enjoy the sunsets from my balcony, and though this would be a great idea for the challenge. Sometimes I work from home and this is the best time of the day. I shot it a couple of other lenses but this combination give the result that I enjoyed the most

Canon XTi
Canon EF lens 28-105
Aperture 4.5
Exposure 1/5
- Jose Laya

Taken from my balcony onto the light from the lobby of my concierge/lobby roof with d5000, 55-200mm lens, iso 250 and a batman boken.
-Jose Sepulveda

Gizmodo, I want to thank you for this challenge as it forced me to use the 50mm prime lens that I have been neglecting since its purchase. By keeping the aperture at 1.8, I was able to achieve awesome bokeh in all my shots. My contest entry features a bouquet of 50 roses given to a family friend for their 50th birthday. I picked a rose that was slightly off by itself and focused on it, letting the rest fade away. I was torn between this and a shot of boiled dumplings (my lunch yesterday), but felt the colors in this one were much more vivid.


Canon T1i
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 430EX speed light - set to 1/64 power
ISO 100
1/125 sec.
- JT McGrath

Camera: Cannon 60D
Exposure time: 1.5 second
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 100

The concept was to use extended bokeh to represent bubbles from champagne rising into the air. Since I didn't have any champagne at home, very hot water at least made some bubbles inside the glass. The bokeh lights were from christmas lights strung up in the background, maybe 10 to 12 feet behind the glass.
-Kathy Scott

Here's my Bokeh.

This was taken with a Canon Rebel Xti as part of my 365 project. This is a key sitting on a mirror with lights surrounding it. I used my flash for additional lighting and my 50mm 1.8 lens taken in RAW at ISO 100.
- Kat Shanahan

Finding a source of light was a problem for me, so I used a crystal with
bubbles, backed up with some more crystals using the sun as a light source.
I used two different cameras with same settings. It was interesting that
the results were so different. I tried many different setting some worked,
some didn't This taken with am Olympus E-Pl1 f/4.2 - 1/2000 - iso 400
- What a great contest - Thank you
- Kay Owens

640, matrix metering, fill flash fired.

This photo was taken in one of the free-flight exhibits at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh PA on January 26. The colorful bird in the photo was perched on a branch high above ground level, waiting for an opportunity to swoop down for a snack during one of the daily feedings at the aviary.

Photo by:
- Ken Reabe Jr

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 18 -200 mm, f/5.6, focal length 105, 1/250 sec exposure

I didn't know where I was going to get my shot for this weeks challenge. My wife and I just got in the car and ended up driving down to Richmond. Wasn't even sure what we might find there to shoot. While driving down we referenced Google and hit upon the Edgar Allen Poe Museum. Sounded interesting and off we went.
The museum was quaint and charming and the recreated "Enchanted Garden" offered a great place for picture taking. I wasn't sure the sun was going to allow for interesting lighting. Soon enough though, I found the light coming through the trees was just what I was looking for and I was able to get some interesting shots. This one is of the very tip of the fountain found at the the center of the garden .

- Kevin Jennings
Arlington, VA

Hey Guys,

I recently purchased this little Lego storm trooper from Amazon to rekindle some childhood memories. I thought it would make the perfect subject for my first Gizmodo photography challenge. I brought my camera in to work, set this guy up on the desk, and played around with the angles and lighting to get a nice smooth bokehlicious background.


Camera Details:
Camera Model - Canon EOS 7D
Lens Model - Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
F-Stop - f/2.8
Exposure Time - 1/160 sec.
ISO - 400
Focal Length - 100mm

I love your website, keep up the great work!
- Kyle Schmitt

Totally happened upon this opportunity for a photo by accident. I was driving between 2nd ward and 5th ward in Houston which is pretty run down and dilapidated but somehow still manages to be hiding some of the best gems you can find in the city. One such gem was a set of three large flat sheets of metal standing vertically with the most intricate designs cut out of them. They are pretty rusted and worn but in my opinion that just gives them more depth and character. Anyhow, they were set up at great angles to create the cool juxtaposition of the bokeh blur and crisp focused background designs.
Photo was shot with a Canon Rebel EOS XT f3.5, ISO1600
- Lindsay Bangle

Nikon D-90
18-105mm Kit lens
Shot at 105mm, ISO-200, ¼ second shutter and F 5.6

"In brightest day, in blackest night!" After reading about this challenge I got this idea in my head and wanted to see if I could pull it off. The goal was to make it look like the ring was projecting the Green Lantern symbol. This was my first time attempting bokeh and I was pretty pleased with the result. After reading some tutorials and then playing around with it, I noticed that to get the shot I wanted I had to go up a few F stops and zoom in further then suggested for bokeh. I'll probably keep pursuing this technique as I found it different and fun.

-Luke Hendrick

This is my first Gizmodo photo challenge entry, so I hope I'm doing this right!

I took this photo while on a sunny and snowy walk at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. My favorite bokeh is natural light through leaves, so I was on the lookout for the late afternoon sun through the trees. I caught these holly buds and I like the way the roundness of the buds reflects the roundness of the bokeh. You can see a sharp holly leaf at the bottom right hand corner.


I shot this with a Nikon D40 at f/5.6, ISO 200 and shutter speed 1/100. At least that's what Aperture tells me. I upped the definition a tiny bit but otherwise left it alone.

- Martha H Bixby

Shot Information:

Canon EOS 450D
Tv: 1/4
Av: 10.0
ISO: 100
Lens: EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
FL: 55.0mm

Shot Story:

I was invited to the launch party of the new Enterprise and decided to take a bokeh shot of the new logo on the side of the ship. Picard was cracking cheeky jokes the whole night and Spock got totally paralytic, such a good night!
- Nathan Cunningham

Hello Gizmodo,

My entry for the Bokeh Shooting Challenge is attached, description is
below. Thanks!


"I kept trying to get an interesting bokeh shot at night, but the
daytime setting turned out much more pleasing. Shot was taken with
string lights and a Nikon D90 + 50mm @ f1.8, 1/160, ISO 200."
- Nick Sprankle

I recently saw the technique of using shaped apertures to turn the bokeh into words so when this challenge was announced i wanted to try it. it's a shot of a park with streetlights and cars driving by in the distance manually focused as shallow as i could go. i cut out the word bokeh in a notecard and held it backwards in front of the lens to change all the lights into the word. i wanted to put something in the foreground in focus but the weirdly shaped "bokeh" aperture made everything turn out unclear. canon 5d mark ii with ef 50mm 1.4 lens at f1.4 1/30sec. ISO 1250
-Noah Garbarino

My friends and I were celebrating a birthday out in DC. It had just snowed the day before, and with all the light bouncing around I thought I'd have a decent chance of tricking my iPhone into producing something usable for this challenge. I stepped out to the curb, took a quick pic, and was lucky enough to get that sort of Rubiks Cube lens flare in the upper-left, and that star-shaped one in the corner. The final result came out of a patchwork of different apps - I took the picture using Pro HDR, adjusted the lighting levels in Camera+, and then tweaked saturation and contrast before adding a linear blur with TiltShift Generator. For all the purists out there, yes, the shot probably would have been much more polished with an actual camera; but I'm pretty impressed with what I can squeeze out of my phone.
- Paul Schaffer

Nikon D3100
Nikkor 50mm prime lens
F/1.8 ISO 800

I took this shot at the St. Paul, MN winter carnival - every year the city holds a competition in Rice park in Downtown St. Paul where teams compete to carve the best ice sculptures.


The ice wall in the picture was maybe 50-75 feet long, was made out of blocks of solid ice and held several glass placards with sponsor names etched on them.
- Rick Walstrom

This shot was taken in the mountains near Tubac Arizona. I used a Canon 500d and a Canon 50mm lens at f/1.4.

thanks for your consideration,
- Robert Stalnaker

I took this picture with my Pentax K-x and the kit lens. It's actually the only pic I got for this challenge. I was out at the Salton Sea with a group of photographers and we had just finished shooting the sunset at Bombay Beach on the northeastern shore of the sea. One of the cars was leaving the parking lot so I decided to see if I could get some bokeh on the headlights. Instead the headlights are almost in focus while the lights of the town in the background are the bokeh. I almost deleted this pic because there's nothing in the foreground to give it depth but on the computer I saw the headlights are the subject.
- Robin Rigby

This is a shot of orange soda with a little bokeh fizz. For this shot I acquired a shooting assistant, tripod, my 50mm G-series canon lens, and some Christmas lights. I thought I would try to incorporate the bokeh balls, typically a secondary subject, into the primary and came up with this. 50mm, 1.8, 1/30, iso 400.
- Ryan Meyer

I've been trying to get pictures to enter for these, but to no avail until now. Taken at the Philly Auto show on friday, the focus just happened to be right and I was able to get a Bokeh out of it!
I had tried to get the effect in other shots, but nothing came out quite like this one did. Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i, the standard 18-55mm lens it came with, ISO of 400, ƒ/4 and a shutter speed of 1/60.
-Ryan Twardzik

Shot with a Nikon D5000 using 50mm Nikkor-S at f1.4

I've been carrying my camera around with a fast 50mm to explore this week's challenge a bit; hadn't found anything I was happy with, until I got lucky in the hallway of my apartment. The green lens flare gives it an otherworldly look; the hallway doesn't normally glow like this!
-Seth A. Moser

Shot from a hill in Boston overlooking Cambridge, Mass lights from across the Charles River. Mid evening trekking through snow to get there. Shoot at 0"5 and F5.0, manual focus, handheld.
- Seth Porter

Date Taken: January 30th
Rebel T1I
55-250mm Canon lens
Aperture Priority
ISO 1600
Exposure bias -1.3
focal length 109mm
(First time I've submitted, so I hope the size of my files work...)


So, I didn't fare very well getting a good picture outside NYC today so I decided to get a shot inside my UES apartment. In this picture is an antique Pabst Beer Bottle I bought in Maine on a road trip over the summer. In the blurred background is a painting of a skier in bright colors, a plant and my kitchen window to the right. After playing around with settings I got a good bokeh shot.

Thank you,
- Alisha Sternenberger

I got home from the olympic arena in Lake Placid New York and saw the photo challenge for this week. It has been really cold up here for the past few weeks. I went outside to get some fresh air with a beer. I noticed some good christmas lights outside my apartment, I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II and took a few shots. My buddy Twichell and I thought this image was the most dynamic of the bunch. Shutter speed1/20th,iso1000,F 4.0.
- Steven Twardzik

My photo features a silver organ grinder and his pet monkey. Using a Canon Power Shot S3 IS with the aperture setting at 3.5, I strung strands of holiday lights about 10 feet behind the monkey to get the bokeh effect .

- Susie Buckley

I took this picture after doing a photo shoot of a running/shoe store in Oklahoma City.
After shooting interior pictures of the space i remembered this challenge and decided
to use this new asics GEL-Noosa Tri™ 6 ($120.00 of ugly ass shoe) for my subject.
The colors turned out great. I tried to steer away from shooting the standard "twinkling lights" bokeh
shot and go more for a background object blur. Enjoy fellow Gizmodians.


Camera:Canon 40D
Focal Length: 28mm
Aperture: F4
Lens: Tamron 28-75
- Tanner W. Priddy

It had just stopped raining, and sunlight was shining through the
drops hanging from small trees in a nearby courtyard. I was less than
two feet from the subject, so even at f/4 the depth of field appears
to be very shallow.

70mm, f/4, 1/1600s, ISO 500
-Tom Haflinger

My husband bought me a new camera and said that if I don't submit once a week, he is going to take it away.
With that being said here is my first submission. I've never used this effect before but enjoyed the results. I used a small set of white
Christmas lights and made a little portrait of our "dog" Sprinkles.
I used a Canon T2i with a canon 50mm lens, F/1.8, 1/500, ISO 400, EV -2
- Tracey Bram

Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.4

Made a quick circuit with red, green, and blue LEDs. Hooked up the LEDs in parallel with resistors to limit the current. Turned the circuit on and... only the red LED lights up. Different resistances I'm guessing. 2nd attempt. Red on it's own circuit, check! Green and Blue in parallel... they both light up. Check!


In this picture, I was going for a mixing of colored bokeh. It's not the sharpest shape (construction paper doesn't cut clean), but it'll do. Edge-refining and dust removal in post.
- WIlliam Hong

Hi Gizmodo- Happy to be submitting my 1st shooting challenge entry! Description is below.


This is my first submission to the shooting challenge, hopefully many more to come! I spent all Sunday (1/30) morning taking some outdoor shots with the idea of getting some kind of a winter/ice theme with sunrise bokeh/reflections in the background. Alas, they were all garbage, this picture was taken Sunday morning while I was preparing to head out into the cold and was loading up on wawa coffee and breakfast (Philadelphia Giz readers will know what I'm talking about). While I was disappointed that I didn't get anything I liked with the winter/ice theme I kind of like the simple composition that the bokeh framing this ball created.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i (Kit Lens)
- Zach Wallace