Went wandering around the local strip to take a picture of the Christmas lights. Took lots of pictures that were just out of focus and ended up liking this one the best as the foreground was clear with some bokeh off to the side.

Canon 60d sigma 18-250, ISO 500, f4.5, 1/60th. Levels and contrast in iPhoto.
- Adam harris

Ah, bokeh. "Crazy in the eyes", was how the Japanese gentleman who first introduced me to the term defined bokeh. Personally, I like my bokeh bright, but colorful. Given that it is winter and all, I set up a happy scene on my dinner table to spread joy across the internet. A beach towel gives the watery blue hue, while plastic wrap creates waves and bokeh-riffic catch lights in the "water". The ducks are spread for composition over a small area. The red ducks are, of course, evil.


This shot was made with a Canon EOS 5D mk II, Canon 85mm f/1.8, and a Canon 580EX II flash. Exposure was 1/40th, f/1.8, 200 ISO. The exposure is set for the ambient light from my funky halogen chandelier, with bounced fill light from the flash at +1 stop.
- Andrew Payne

December 27, 2011. Forecast called for a 4-8" of snow, but instead
turned out to be 12" on top of 6" from earlier in the day. Classes
were canceled at my daughter's college and my business was very slow,
so we decided to take the afternoon taking pictures together. A trip
to the water's edge showed us nothing memorable, but on the way back
through the snow drifts we came across this oportunity.


Canon 40D, 24-105 4L lens, ISO200, 1/750 @ F4 @ 24mm aperature, on AV
settings. Heavy shapening and other minor adjustments as needed
- Bam Miller

This is a shot up the neck of a 78 Fender Music Master owned by a friend who is the bassist for a former American Idol winner.
The camera used is a Nikon D300, a LensBaby 3G w/ 4x macro attachment, f/2.0, exposure of 1/30th of a second @ ISO 200.
(I LOVE that lens! I prefer to shoot with it than any other lenses in my bag...)
The bass's owner collects and swaps out instruments on a fairly regular basis so I shoot them when ever he sports a new one
or has an old one handy... I have always liked the curves and textures on musical instruments, especially stringed ones.
The mixture of materials lends to soooo many shooting opportunities...
- Bill McGuire

Canon T2i
50mm f/1.8 II Lens
1/100 sec
ISO 100

This is my first submission to the Shooting Challenge in the 5 months that I've been learning photography, it's one of my New Years resolutions to contribute to some of these challenges so that I can learn to shoot in situations that I wouldn't normally find myself in. For this challenge I decided to use the God of Rock figure from Guitar Hero as my subject, there's a lot of emotion in that plastic molded face. For my setup I went to the darkest corner of my basement, set the God of Rock on a 12 pack of toilet paper, used a flood light to illuminate him and put a fake tree in the background with white lights wrapped it. I took a lot of shots from all sorts of angles and orientations, but I like this one the most because the bokeh reminds me of stage lights as if he were performing the greatest rock concert ever.
-Chip Moll

This shot is titled "Drunk". I was trying to create the atmosphere of a party, but with a more personal feel to it. The camera I used was my Canon EOS Rebel T1i with 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec
Aperture: f/1.8
ISO Speed: 800
- Chloé Peden

Gizmodo Shooting Challenge:

Equipment is a Nikon D90 on tripod with 18-55mm Nikkor AF-S 3.5-5.6G at 55 mm – timer function on.

Full Program mode:
Aperture: f5.6
Shutter: 3 seconds
ISO 200
Auto settings for white balance and exposure

I had recently put away all my Christmas lights so I broke it out and found a dark place to do this exercise. My garage can get pretty dark without much effort so I strung up the lights at first on the back of my garage door. I took a few shots with the Christmas lights on and with a little model plane in the foreground. I kept experimenting with placement on the tripod, the plane, and the distance to the lights in the background. For this shot, I ended up with the camera tilted up slightly on the tripod and mounted about 6" away from the plane model (sitting on top of a black cloth covered box). The plane was then about 6 feet away from the lights strung up in the background. I covered the garage door with a large black plastic trashbag.

- Cory Newkirk

The City Pier in Anna Maria Florida will celebrate its' 100 year anniversary in
May of this year. This shot catches a tired bench on the southwest corner of the
pier that has seen its' fair share of Florida sunsets.

Taken with a Nikon D3 and 70-200mm Lens at ISO 200.
- Daniel Kitts

I was going downtown for our local farmers market one evening and decided to bring my camera to try at this week's challenge. My friends and I came across a flower stand and decided to stop and look around. Shortly there after the kind lady working there gave us a rose. It smelled wonderful and I decided to use it as my subject, with the lights of downtown in the background. Only slight RAW adjustments were made using CS5. Canon 60D, Canon 17-55mm @ 55mm, f/2.8, 1/15 s, ISO 3200.
-Derek B. Pincus

Photo was shot with a Sony Alpha A700 dslr 50mm Minolta Prime lens at 1/100 sec. f/1.7

In a park near my home they had some plastic reindeer covered in Christmas lights, but I was more interested in just a section of lights than the figurine itself.

Please disregard my previous email as I left out vital information! Thank you again for your time!
- Douglas M. Paine

Camera: Olympus Pen E-PL1
Lens: Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7
ISO: 320
Aperture: f/1.7
Shutter: 1/50


In the back of a car in a parking lot. The snow had started to melt, leaving droplets of water on the window. Bokeh created by light from a streetlight coming through the water droplets.
- Dustin Byers

Here is my entry for the Bokeh contest.

I shot this today with my Canon t2i from the back of a cab in NYC. I had been out for a while shooting and it got dark and cold so I headed for the subway and saw that it wasn't running. I came above ground and caught a cab and saw this shot as we drove north through Manhattan. I got this one on the third try and I played with color a bit in Photoshop but only minimally.

info: ISO 400, 1/80, f/18, 50mm lens
- Edward Highfield

Shutter: 1/10
ISO 400

I wanted to take a picture where the bokeh was an essential part of the scene. I used a disco ball Christmas decoration and dug out some lights to string up on a wall. The lights turned out orange in the original photo, so I desaturated and colourized the image using Photoshop.
- Emily Scott

I went to downtown Palo Alto with a friend and took the shot for fun.
Looks like an insect of some sort.


Canon 60d sigma 18-250, ISO 500, f5, 1/400th. Levels and contrast in iPhoto.
- Eric Chu

I've been a longtime fan of the Shooting Challenges and I have made it a sort of new year's resolution to join in on them as often as I can. This was perfect for me as I had just gotten a new Sigma 28mm f/1.8 lens. I took my camera to work to experiment a bit with the shaped bokeh, but I didn't come up with much I liked. I just started shooting "dramatic" pictures of things around my work with the aperture wide open. I really like in this one how both the background and the portafilter (the thing that you pack the espresso into) are out of focus while just the espresso being pulled is nice and clear. This was taken with a Canon T2i, Sigma 28mm f/1.8 lens, ISO 400, 1/25th exposure. I did some color correction in Photoshop.
- Evan Hughes

I used the Canon Rebel Xsi with the EFS 18-55mm lens to capture this picture with a shutter speed of 3.2 seconds, aperture F11 and ISO speed was 1600.
The story behind this picture isn't that great: I was just experimenting with my camera durring the Christmas holidays and decided to try moving the camera as I took a picture of part of the Christmas tree and there it was.
- Evan Sweeney

Bokeh Times Square

I used a Canon T1i DSLR camera. I used an old M42 manual lens to take this shot. The lens that I used was a Yashica 50mm F 1.7. The ISO was set to 3200.


I happened to be in Times Square on a Friday night after seeing Iron and Wine live at the Apple Store at SoHo. I don't usually go to times square on a Friday night. In fact, I don' t go there at all in general buy I had a hour to kill before I had to meet my friend back in Brooklyn. There I was standing in 23rd street and had a good look at Times Square, which didn't seem very far at all. I said to myself that Times Square should make a good canvas for this bokeh challenge. So, I hopped on the train and got to Times Square but I only stayed there for a couple of minutes since it did start to snow very lightly and I also didn't feel comfortable taking out my camera while it was snowing. I have a active photo blog. Please, have a look at my blog http://iaminbrooklyn.tumblr.com/.

Thanks a lot
- Hasin Ahmed

Canon Rebel T1I, ISO200, 220mm, f/5.6, 1/125.
A friend and I went for a relaxing nature walk after a long stressful day at work. After a frightful attack by a flock of finches, we found this very peaceful spider hanging by its web. Unlike the finches, Mr. Spider took the time to pose for the camera.
- Homer DeLeon

Camera: Sony a33
Lens: 28mm/f2.8
ISO: 1600
F stop: 2.8
Speed: 1/320


I took this shot outside a theatre in downtown Indianapolis. I was looking for good sources of Bokeh and this marquee sign seemed like a good idea. The yellow upper arc flashes so it took a number of shots to get it right. I just wish I would have taken a photo of the sign in focus and shopped it so the lettering was in focus yet the lights were not. You shoot, you learn.

-Jack Hall

Canon Powershot G11
F-stop: f/4.5
Exposure time: 1/1000
ISO speed: ISO-80
Exposure bias: -2 Step
Focal length: 30mm


I wanted to take some pictures of the sunset. So I went on the top of a small hill, but it got very fast very cold so I decided to go back down as the sky started to glow. Then I took my pictures.
- Johannes Teichert

> Description: I shot this photo of the sun though the rear window from the backseat of my car while on a road trip. Shot with a Canon Rebel XSi 450D and the stock 18-55mm lens.
-John Dickson

I was exploring the streets of Downtown, San Diego with my friend and we came across this amazing parking lot. There were puddles everywhere and we wanted to incorporate the reflections into a dark and sorrowful image. Here, my friend is crouched over, grasping her hair in a distressed manner. I had to play around with the settings, as I had forgotten to bring my f/1.2 50mm EF L lens, so I utilized flash with my all-in-one standard f/3.5 Tamron.

Canon EOS 7D
Flash: Fired
Tamron 18-270 mm f/3.5
- Jonathan Lin

Meet Aya. She is one of my beloved Siberian Huskies. In this shot she's guarding one of the many tennis balls in my back yard. Her younger brother is just out of the shot eagerly awaiting the moment she lets her guard down so he can pounce and steal it away. No matter which ball she has, that is the one he wants.
This was an attempt to recreate on of my favorite photos I've ever taken. The original was taken in the summer so the background was much more colorful. I've wanted to participate in these challenges for a long time and I couldn't let this one pass me by.

Nikon D80
50mm f/1.8
aperture priority
no post processing
-Justin Gray

I recently got this camera for Christmas, so I'm still learning the ins and outs of it. I actually planned on creating a real sized snowman but that would have probably meant lighting some real torches in my backyard and burning something down. I decided against it and made a miniature one instead, this is the second one i made, the first had corn kernels for eyes that fell out as I was snapping away because it was melting. I probably could have made the bokeh effect more pronounced but there was only so much room on my desk. Canon T1i with the 18-55mm kit lense at f5.6 1/40 and iso 400
- Khoa Nguyen

Decided to take some pictures of the flowers I had got my wife the week before. Yeah, I know, I'm a good husband. :P Anyway, took me forever to get something I liked enough to send in. This one was the best of the bunch. Taken at 2.2 on the nifty fifty.
- Kyle Frantz

I've been following these shooting challenges for quite a while. So this year I decided to get my first DSLR (Canon t2i) and give it a shot for myself. I set up some Christmas lights and played around with the Aperture Priority settings until I got it just right. I really liked the way the light backlight my Coke glass.

Picture Stats:
Canon T2i
EF-S 18-55mm lens
f/5.0, 1/6, 41mm, iso 3200

-Matt Pena

It's my first Shooting Challenge submission. I'm only 14, guys, so don't expect magic.


Since I bought my first DSLR, my Nikon D3100, I feel like I can participate in this kind of contest. For this shot, I didn't go very far away: I walked down my street and took this shot of street lights, at 11:20 pm. I really love shooting bokeh, but when I (proudly!) show my shots to my family, they're like: why is everything blurry? Unfortunately, they don't understand how beautiful bokeh is. Here is the shot summary:
• Nikon D3100 with 18-55 kit lens
• ISO 200
• Focal length: 55mm
• f5.6
• Shutter speed: 1.6 second
• Contrast and brightness edited in the GIMP (I suppose images can be edited, since there are no rules relating to this)
If possible, I will participate in more Shooting Challenges!
- Maxime Vaillancourt

This is the first challenge I participated in and during the 15'
snowfall this past Thursday in Jersey I thought it would be the
perfect time to take my camera along to the park and take some shots
of the snowy wonderland .. I than saw these basketball courts and
decided that bringing a small glimpse of summer against the snowy
winter backdrop would be a nice touch .. Taken with Nikon D3000, ISO
100, f/5.6, 18-55 kit lens @ 55mm.
- Michael Macon

Hello Modo. Unfortunately the story behind this picture isn't anything special. We decided to go under a bridge and take pictures, it started snowing, and I was like WOAH and then he was like WOAH and we were all like SNOW.


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS
0.005 sec (1/200)
Focal Length
209 mm
ISO Speed
Exposure Bias
0 EV
Off, Did not fire
Horizontal (normal)
72 dpi
72 dpi
Date and Time (Modified)
2011:01:29 17:42:21
YCbCr Positioning
Exposure Program
Aperture-priority AE
Date and Time (Original)
2011:01:29 17:42:21
Date and Time (Digitized)
2011:01:29 17:42:21
Metering Mode
Sub Sec Time
Sub Sec Time Original
Sub Sec Time Digitized
Color Space
Focal Plane X-Resolution
4438.356164 dpi
Focal Plane Y-Resolution
4445.969125 dpi
Custom Rendered
Exposure Mode
White Balance
Scene Capture Type
Macro Mode
Self Timer
Canon Flash Mode
Continuous Drive
Focus Mode
Manual Focus (3)
Record Mode
Canon Image Size
Easy Mode
Digital Zoom
Metering Mode
Focus Range
Not Known
Canon Exposure Mode
Aperture-priority AE
Lens Type
Canon EF 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 or Tamron Lens
Short Focal
70 mm
Focal Units
Max Aperture
Min Aperture
Flash Activity
Flash Bits
Zoom Source Width
Zoom Target Width
Manual Flash Output
Color Tone
Auto ISO
Base ISO
Measured EV
Target Aperture
Target Exposure Time
White Balance
Slow Shutter
Sequence Number
Optical Zoom Code
Flash Guide Number
Flash Exposure Comp
Auto Exposure Bracketing
AEBBracket Value
Control Mode
Camera Local Control
Measured EV2
Bulb Duration
Camera Type
EOS High-end
Unknown (-1)
Canon Firmware Version
Firmware Version 1.0.7
Serial Number
Camera Temperature
16 C
Camera Orientation
Horizontal (normal)
Focus Distance Upper
Focus Distance Lower
Color Temperature
Firmware Version
Directory Index
File Index
Lens Model
Canon Model ID
EOS Rebel XS / 1000D / Kiss F
Off (Manual Focus)
Num AFPoints
Valid AFPoints
AFArea Widths
194 139 139 194 139 139 194
AFArea Heights
139 194 194 194 194 194 139
AFPoints Selected
Original Decision Data Offset
Bracket Mode
Bracket Value
Bracket Shot Number
Raw Jpg Size
WBBracket Mode
WBBracket Value AB
WBBracket Value GM
Live View Shooting
Internal Serial Number
Dust Removal Data
(Binary data 1024 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Tone Curve
Sharpness Frequency
Sensor Red Level
Sensor Blue Level
White Balance Red
White Balance Blue
Picture Style
Digital Gain
WBShift AB
WBShift GM
Measured RGGB
384 1024 1024 892
Color Space
Sensor Width
3948 (52-3939 used)
Sensor Height
2622 (23-2614 used)
Black Mask Left Border
Black Mask Top Border
Black Mask Right Border
Black Mask Bottom Border
Color Data Version
5 (450D/1000D)
White Balance RGGB Levels
2305 1024 1024 1404
Color Temperature
WB_ RGGBLevels Measured
2397 1023 1024 1362
Color Temp Measured
Raw Measured RGGB
15673 40948 41497 35344
Exposure Level Increments
1/3 Stop
Flash Sync Speed Av
High ISONoise Reduction
Auto Lighting Optimizer
AFAssist Beam
AFDuring Live View
Mirror Lockup
Shutter- AELock
AF/AE lock
Set Button When Shooting
LCD monitor On/Off
LCDDisplay At Power On
Add Original Decision Data
- Mitchelll Tomlinson

I was a little bored this weekend so I looked outside and said why not. Grabed a ladder for me and table for the tripod to sit on because the icicles are so high. I used the canon time remote controller because my lens didnt have IS and the table was a moving a little so i wanted to keep the movement down since i was using iso 100. I also used a white piece of paper for the white balance. Took over 400+ shots since I was trying to do a timelapes of the icicles but my battery in the remote was gone and I didnt have a extra but I just put the running lock on and took a few. I do have a timelapse on my flickr account but its only a few seconds worth. I also went out at night to take some photos of the icicles with a LED little but it was too cold for me. Maybe the next Connecticut snow.
Equipment I used
Canon 50d
canon len 50mm 1.8 II
1/1250 f/1.8
iso 100
Canon timer romote controller TC-80n3
Cheap tripod

- Nicholas Walter

Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens:Nikon AF D 50 mm f/1.8
Exif: 50 mm 1/500s ISO: 450 f/1.8


I live a half mile away from this old rural cemetery filled with headstones with dates going all the way back to the early 1800's. Right when the sun was behind the tree line, I noticed this anachronistic pipe sticking out of the ground. I had to step onto one of the plots to get this picture, but I'm happy with the results, so if I'm cursed, I at least I have a tangible award from my desecration.
- Nick Long

Camera: Pentax K200D
Lens: Pentax 1:1.7 50mm this is a very old K mount lens that takes awesome pictures.
I set the Camera to Manual mode, aperture fully open f1.7 and focus at 0.45 M the shortest that I could get.

The subject was a set of Christmas lights that I suspended from a beam. I mounted the camera on a tripod and then experimented with distances, speeds and for the hell of it aperture settings.
The submitted image was taken about 2 metres away, f1.7, ASA 100, 0.7 second exposure.
The most difficult bit was getting the blue lights showing, on shorter exposures they simply didn't appear, on longer exposures I ended up with a blurry mess.
-Nick Smith

> Hi,

Camera: Canon T2i
Exposure: 10secs
Focal 5.6

I just have started trying things with my DSLR. Placed a Arch statue in the focus frame with manual focus, with background having lights on my apartment compound.


Please do let me know which site i can refer to for learning more on photography(tips/tricks).

- Nischal.R

I strung up some christmas lights on a book case for the background. The foreground was lit with my flash from above and a reflector below. If you don't get the reference, it's from the video game Half-Life 2.
Nikon D50
ISO 200
-Quentin Swager

Taken from Nikon D90
50mm 1.4f Nikkor Lens
Shutter Speed 1/500
ISO 200 (not sure)

taken on a sunday morning while playing with my children
-Rehan Riaz

Hi Gizmodo,

Last weekend I walked around Stanford and made a short video showing how changing the aperture and keeping the focus the same made a huge difference

This weekend I went back to the same small field with a Christmas tree ornament that looks like my Dad. (Thank you Jessica.) I wanted to capture a little in front of him and in back of him out of focus. It looks like he's walking along a path.

Nikon D90, AF-s Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:28 G ED lens
1/1600 F3.2 ISO 200

Thank you Mark for keeping this contest going. It always makes me think outside the ever growing preverbal box.
- Rob Bejarano

This is a particularly photogenic sculpture on the waterfront in Wellington, New Zealand, called "Solace In The Wind", by Max Patte. I went out for a skate at 9.30pm to try and catch some of the waterfront lights in the background, and found the perfect model for night shots.


The photo was taken on a Canon EOS 550D with my new EF 50mm f/1.8 MkII lens. Used the aperture priority mode, f1.8, with the exposure knocked down slightly 'cause it was a little bright otherwise. I wish I'd turned down the ISO instead now, but that's life.
- Russell Dear

My first Giz shooting contest! I've been wanting to do these for a long time, but never felt like my camera was up to snuff. For this challenge, I used my new Olympus Pen e-pl1 (purchased Friday!). The lens is the kit 14-42mm, zoomed all the way in. I set my aperture to f/3.5, no flash. Not sure what my ISO was, because I was letting the camera take care of that for me, but I would guess that the ISO was 200 (that's it's most common choice). The scene was illuminated by a 60W equivalent full spectrum compact fluorescent table lamp. Nothing fancy.


For the scene, I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out how to get some cool highlight bokeh without taking my Christmas lights out of storage. While I was cooking dinner, inspiration struck when I saw that the aluminum foil I was using to cover the spuds was reflecting light off the peaks. I laid out about a square meter of crumpled up aluminum foil, then searched for a close-up subject. I chose the minifig because, let's face it, Lego is pretty much the coolest thing ever. It's a minifig that I made today that's supposed to (kind of) look like me. I used manual focus to make sure his stubble was sharp, and let the rest of the scene take care of itself.
- Stephen Snider

Canon 5d Mk2
Canon 14mm 2.8 @ 2.8
ASA 3200
3150 °K
As shot, just cropped for submission.


When I saw that this was a Bokeh challenge my mind instantly jumped to my 85mm 1.2, but then I decided that was too easy. 14mm, now that's a challenge! Next I turned to onto the most bokeh friendly building in Vancouver, Science World. Jumped down onto the dragon boat dock facing west and there it is.
- Stephen Vanderspek

Pentax K-5 — 31mm Limited — ISO 3200 — f1.8 — 1/20sec exposure

The skyline over the Hudson River into New Jersey shot from the Hudson River Park, NYC at night. The Black Level was set to 100 to isolate the effect more.
- Steve Chung

Shot on 1/26/11 with Nikon D3100 with DX Nikkor VR 18-55mm lens.
1/8s, Focal length 55mm, f/5.6, ISO 3200
Note: lens rotation of 270 deg. (rotate photos when viewing as required)


I was shooting the snow in my backyard through a window. Trees, lights, and a Hoss's Steak and Sea (ha!) are blurred in the background with melted snowflakes reflecting these objects in the water droplets (faintly).

- Steve Palmer

It's my first Shooting Challenge submission. I'm only 14, guys, so don't expect magic.


Since I bought my first DSLR, my Nikon D3100, I feel like I can participate in this kind of contest. For this shot, I didn't go very far away: I walked down my street and took this shot of street lights, at 11:20 pm. I really love shooting bokeh, but when I (proudly!) show my shots to my family, they're like: why is everything blurry? Unfortunately, they don't understand how beautiful bokeh is. Here is the shot summary:
• Nikon D3100 with 18-55 kit lens
• ISO 200
• Focal length: 55mm
• f5.6
• Shutter speed: 1.6 second
• Contrast and brightness edited in the GIMP (I suppose images can be edited, since there are no rules relating to this)
If possible, I will participate in more Shooting Challenges!
- Maxime Vaillancourt

Kind of an accidental shot, I was sitting around Friday evening and decided I wanted to play around with fire. Mostly just for photo purposes, don't worry. I sat and arranged the candles in different ways but this one caught my attention because of the way the foreground ended up as the Bokeh instead of the background. It wasn't until Saturday that I remembered that I hadn't seen what the shooting challenge was for this weekend and low and behold, Bokeh!
-Steve Petruce

There was going to be a Wall-E in this picture. I wanted to shoehorn my desk Wall-E into this picture. As you can see, that didn't end up being the case. In the midst of fumbling with a string of LED rope, a coil slipped in front of the camera almost into focus, showing a single resistor. I promptly declared this discovery more interesting and got another shot with the electronics in sharper focus, letting the strand of lights run into the distance. Nikon D5000, 50mm prime, F/1.8, 1/250s.

-Ted Monchamp

I went to the lake looking to take advantage of the sun glimmering off of the water and I found these young lovers. I explained what I was doing and did secure their permission for the photo.


I used a home-made heart-shaped cutout in front of the lens to give the glimmer on the water little heart shapes. I converted the photo to black and white in post processing using Raw Therapee.

Camera: Canon XTi
Lens: Canon 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM
Focal Length: 270mm
F-stop: F/5.6
Exposure time: 1/400 sec.
ISO speed: 200
Metering mode: Partial
Exposure program: Aperture Priority
- Robert Allen

First submission.... Took this sitting in Chicago rush hour traffic this week. Nikon 300D w/ 50mm 1:1.4 lens @ 1/250sec., f/1.4, ISO 800
- Ted Roberts

I really tried to resist going all out on aperture for this contest but
I had very little time to shoot and when I started reviewing my images, The
abstract quality of this shot looked best to me. The lighting is from the
can lights in the room as well as the TV and a red lamp. The chrome Foosball
men were, obviously, very reflective.
Shot with Lumix GH1 using a Nikkor 1.4 @1.4 iso200 1/40sec.
- Tim Hammer

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4
Shutter Speed: 1/1250 sec
Aperture: f/4.5
ISO: 100


We were on our way back home from a family/work lunch on Friday. Before entering my brother's car, I noticed that his windows had plastic-y droplets on them, as if from a spray except hardened. On asking my brother, he only answered that they showed up that morning but he wasn't sure why or even what it was. Sitting in the passenger side seat during the drive, I started taking pictures of the droplets since I had my camera with me (for the lunch). I went for a shallow depth of field and blurry bokeh with my shots. However, it wasn't until I framed the sun behind the drops did I get a picture that I really liked. This entry is that picture, with some of the car frame cropped out. It immediately reminded me of a globular star cluster set on a cloud of blue nebulous gas, except out of focus. With that theme in mind, I called the photo "Starry Eyed."
- Viet Nguyen (Jon)

It was fun capturing a blur image. It really gives a nice overall effect.


photo name: Initials

I use an old (35 years to be exact) Russian Zenit SLR and I do use it for two reasons - firstly its kind of magic to set everything manually and then wait anxiously for the film to develop. Secondly I hardly can afford a DSLR:) I just had a few shots left on the film when this contest was announced so I tried this and it came out pretty well. I never participated because it's hard to compete with DSLRs. Anyway I am going to use this photo as a cover to my next album as letters VB are my initials.
Zenit XP, 50mm stock lens (with a macro-ring-thing), 400 ISO B&W film, f2.8, and (guess) 1/125 s...

- VB

Sony a330
18-55mm used at 55mm
1/13 exposure time
iso 400

I took this photo using a coffee cup and some christmas lights i found in my garage, it is my first gizmodo contest and my first DSLR. I was using the stock lens, im really exited and I hope this is a great photo.

You can see more of my photos on flickr my name is willy0 :)
- Guillermo Vela

I used a canon AE-1 with a 70-210 macro zoom lens. shutter speed 1/1000
I was testing out an old AE-1 and I took two pictures (of the fence). one with the background blurred and the other with the fence blurred. It was of a freeway intersection and off ramps (the end of the glendale freeway). Honestly I had no clue how the picture was going to turn out. I really do like the outcome :D
- Yashar Rahimpour