AT&T's got new data plans to go with the wireless hotspot feature debuting in its first 4G Android phones—which they're "working with Apple to bring it to iPhone"—and they actually screw you less than before.

So! You remember how AT&T killed unlimited data for the iPhone? And totally hosed people with the tethering plan, charging you $20 just for the privilege of tethering without giving you a bigger data allowance for your money? They just fixed that. Now, everybody with a tethering plan gets a total of 4GB of data for $45 a month.

That same pricing applies to wireless hotspot plans for phones. 4GB of data for $45 a month. Which is pricey. But, it's cheaper per gigabyte than the plans for MiFi-like devices, which run $60 for 5GB of data. (You're paying $11.25 per gigabyte with the phone hotspots, $12 per gig with the MiFi-style hotspots. And overage is relatively cheap, $10 a gigabyte.)

Hopefully you're in an area where AT&T's HSPA+ works like a charm, though. [PR Newswire]