Super Bowl XLV: The Packers and Steelers are about to face each other in the Super Bowl and this year, you can pretend you're there with the official Super Bowl XLV app. You can check out amazing Cowboys Stadium, tour North Texas and see who's checking in and where. If you're lucky enough to go to the Super Bowl, you absolutely need this app. For the rest of us, it lets us dream. Free.

uTorrent Remote: Android users can start, stop, monitor and even download torrents to their phone with BitTorrent's official uTorrent remote app. Whitson from Lifehacker says:

You can not only check on your downloads and start new ones, but even check your BitTorrent RSS feeds and shift completed files directly to your phone. Note that you'll need to be running uTorrent 3.0 on your home machine to use this app.


Blogger: Not sure why it took so long but there's an official Blogger app for those of you that blog with Blogger. Kat says:

it's taken Google almost three years to launch a Blogger app that enables posting, photo-uploading and more, all on the go


Worms: You can have your angry birds! Worms is one of my all time favorite games and it's finally out on Android. Worms, if you haven't played it, is the classic turn-based strategy, kill your team type game where you can use various weapons like gnarly bombs, guns and other weapons. All with their own comedic flair. Get this game. $3

ShopSavvy 4: One of the original "whoa" apps on Android, Shop Savvy has received a huge update with Shop Savvy 4 and looks a heckuva lot better too. It's better at scanning barcodes, more social with Twitter and Facebook sharing options, gives you ShopSavvy deals, and enables a live feed to see what other users are scanning. With Shop Savvy 4, it's becoming a database for deals almost.

Shift: It's a fun little puzzle game where you can literally "shift" the game's world upside down. The point of the game is to get to the other side of the screen, which sounds easy but sometimes requires finding a new path in upside down mode and always requires your noodle. Really smart and a very addicting time killer. 55 levels for the $3 game, 15 levels for the free version

NASA 360: NASA's second app for Android is an app that lets you tap into NASA's show of the same name. You can watch all the episodes, info on where episodes are filmed, interactive maps, and quizzes on the shows. If you're a space nerd, definitely a must download. Free.

HeyTell: HeyTell, a free app for iOS and Android, lets you instantly send brief voice messages to other HeyTell app-havers at the touch of a button. Those soundbites are saved in sequence for later review, and a slew of in-app purchases lets you do things like add effects to your voice, broadcast a message to multiple friends, etc. But the gist of it is essentially turning your phone into an expensive walkie talkie you can use anywhere, which can be a liberating feeling. Free.