This Is the New Gizmodo
Take a look around. This is the new Gizmodo.

Five Emotions Invented By The Internet
The internet! Does it fill you with anything other than unbridled joy and infinite enthusiasm? No? You mean, sometimes the internet kind of freaks you the hell out? You're not alone. Thought Catalog's Leigh Alexander shares your net neuroses.

Verizon's iPhone Could Have Been a World Phone
As they're wont to do, iFixit and 9to5Mac have (separately) torn apart the new Verizon iPhone, discovering some small changes and one big one: the Qualcomm MDM6600 chip inside. That chipset supports both GSM and CDMA transmission (HSPA+ data rates up to 14.4 Mbps) and it happens to be the one that you'll find inside a Droid Pro world phone.

LA Cops Seize $10 Million Worth of Fake iPhones, iPods, and More
Look at them all: iPods and iPhones of every color and every generation. It's a king's ransom of iProducts—except every single one of them is a fake.

The Techno-Future Is Already Here
Christian Stoll's wide-angle photographs, fittingly used in print campaigns for IBM and Microsoft, may look like scenes from Minority Report, but they're actually views of our little old planet as seen in some of its craziest, most futuristic looking places right now.

The HP TouchSmart Computer Designed After a Scorpion's Tail
Crafting a new computer is tough. Everyone loves touch—fingers are winning interfaces. But pawing an upright monitor is physically tiring. So? HP's design team cleverly brought the monitor down to you. And we've got their concept sketches.

The Soviet Plan to Go to the Moon Was Stupid
I look at the Soviet plans to go to the Moon and I wonder if they secretly contracted the Marx Brothers to design it. I guess it's easy to say that with hindsight—look at the Apollo program—but couldn't they really see that this was not a very smart option?

Kyocera's Double-Headed Echo Phone Is Mutant Without the Super
The Kyocera Echo is the strangest phone I've ever seen. Inside, it's just mundane—but on the outside, it's a batshit bizarre, morphing, dual screen stab at DS form with iPad function. It fails at both. It's freakishly bad.

This Galactic Timelapse Just Needs Some Alien Fighters
José Francisco Salgado is an astronomer at the ALMA observatory in the Atacama desert, Chile. He's also a great photographer who creates these awesome timelapses. It just needs some alien spaceships attacking Earth. Or maybe just some Nazi UFOs.