Twitter 2.0 for Android: Some Android users still prefer other Twitter clients but the new official Twitter app just got a sizable update. Gary says:

It looks like a much-needed upgrade is on the way, a total redesign which removes the pointless menu page and boots straight to the timeline

I still wish they supported multiple accounts but if you're a 'normal' Twitter user, this one is plenty good. Free.

Pro Evolution Soccer 11: Football, as in our football, is over and might not come back for a while. Learn about the other football, as in the world's football, with PES11. It's the best soccer game on the market right now and though the controls take a bit of getting used to, the gameplay is great and with various game modes like club campaign, tournament mode, etc. It's well worth the 7 bucks for a soccer buff. $7

RedBox: It ain't Netflix, but you can use the RedBox app to reserve a movie at your local kiosk. Guarantees no one steals your copy of Twilight.

Angry Birds Seasons: Nothing says "I love you" than killing green birds with angry birds. It just got updated with 15 new levels that scream Valentine because of the pink clouds, bows and random hearts. You know the deal, and you love it.