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This Is the New Gizmodo

Take a look around. This is the new Gizmodo. More »

The Techno-Future Is Already Here

Christian Stoll's wide-angle photographs, fittingly used in print campaigns for IBM and Microsoft, may look like scenes from Minority Report, but they're actually views of our little old planet as seen in some of its craziest, most futuristic looking places right now. Go check out the rest of the set, titled "Epic," at Stoll's site and perhaps feel a fleeting appreciation for trees and squirrels and stuff like that. More »

Is the Internet God?

How could god let this happen? I am the Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, so that is a question that I have heard asked throughout my life. Everyone from the most revered religious leaders to George Burns playing the title character in Oh God, Book 2, has tackled that enquiry. More »

How to Cheat Online-and Get Away with It

Cheating on your significant other used to be simple: reserve the hotel room under an alias, pay in cash. Today, a digital footprint can be as telling as lipstick on the collar. But if you're smart, you can get away with it. More »

Hipstamatic and the Death of Photojournalism

Pictures of the Year International is a photojournalism contest that's a pretty big deal. This photo of the 2nd Platoon under fire in Afghanistan by New York Times photographer Damon Winter took third place this year. It was taken with the iPhone app Hipstamatic, which slathers photos with moody effects. More »

7-Year-Old Kid Buys Harrier Jet Fighter-Then Gets Dreams Shattered

A 7-year-old kid came closer to realize every kid's dream than any of us: He bought a real Harrier fighter jet for $113,000 on eBay. Yes, a Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269. The whole shebang, weaponry not included. More »

98 Incredible Photos of Levitation

Man can fly, but he can't yet levitate. Maybe that's why these 98 photos of levitation-using Photoshop only to remove the strings-are so striking. More »

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LA Cops Seize $10 Million Worth of Fake iPhones, iPods, and More

Look at them all: iPods and iPhones of every color and every generation. It's a king's ransom of iProducts-except every single one of them is a fake. More »

Rhode Island City Plans to Leave 600 Rogue Stop Signs Standing

At some point in recent years, a ghost in the urban planning machine put up 700 rogue stop signs in Cranston, Rhode Island, (pop. 80,000; stop sign pop. 2,600). They're totally undocumented, and the city can't figure out where exactly they came from. But after an investigation by a specially appointed committee, they're planning to leave 580 of 'em right where they are. More »

This Is the Most Beautiful and Terrifying Portrait of Earth I've Seen

Over the course of 15 years, award-winning photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand crafted the most beautiful view of the Earth I've ever seen on the silver screen: Home is an exquisite vision of our world, full of pure bliss-and terrifying scenes. More »