Weekend roundups return, and what a weekend it's been! The Mobile World Congress confirmed many of the tablet and smartphone rumors we've been hearing for a while; J.C. Penney crossed Google for the last time; and much, much more. Here are some of this weekend's top performers:

Watching a Video Shot in 2,564 Frames per Second is Mind Numbingly Amazing

Tom Guilmette was playing around and testing out the Phantom Flex camera in his hotel room one night and had so much fun he never got any sleep. Watch coins fall, water drip and, my personal favorite, a BlackBerry jiggle in the video above. I wish we could slow down time like this whenever we wanted to. More

How J.C. Penney Illegally Became the Number One Search Result in Many Google Searches

The NY Times has a great investigative report on how J.C. Penney became the number one search result for countless search terms on Google. Dresses, bedding, area rugs, skinny jeans, tablecloths and even grommet top curtains and more words popped J.C. Penney up as number one. Not Amazon, not Macy's, not any of the other bigger stores but J.C. Penney. How did this happen? More

This Week's Best Apps

In this week's redesigned roundup: neon asteroids, demolished; ancient Rome, explored; free kicks, taken; ropes, cut; languages, translated; Boomshakalaka!, revisited; and much, much more. More

The Cyberweapon That Could Take Down the Internet

A new cyberweapon could take down the entire internet – and there's not much that current defences can do to stop it. More

Why Didn't Nokia Use Android? Because That Would Be Giving Up

By now, you know that Nokia decided to side with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 instead of Google and Android. Why didn't they want Android? Because Nokia felt that that would be going down without a fight. More

Wait, the Motorola Xoom Costs What Now?!

And Motorola, not one to be outdone, decided to price their ballyhooed Xoom tablet out of the stratosphere. Here's hoping Best Buy's just using a placeholder and the rumored $800 price tag holds. More

The Price of Looking Good

I've asked this question before, I'm asking it now, and I'll ask it again some day: Seriously now, how the hell do you women wear these things all day long? More

Perfectly-Timed Apple Rumor Hints at Tiny iPhones, MobileMe Overhaul

Wouldn't you know it, but just as Samsung was rebooting its well-received (but sales, meh?) Galaxy S line of tablets and smartphones at MWC, an Apple iPhone rumor arrives courtesy the Wall Street Journal. More

Mobile World Congress Tablet/Smartphone Smorgasbord

Gaming phones! Bigger tablets! Galaxy S reboots and a sneaky, perfectly-timed mini iPhone rumor to throw water on the whole thing! Today was a day of mobile/tablet news, dear readers, and it's all here. More

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