Contrary to what you might think, Apple's revolutionary first Macintosh computer didn't spring fully formed, Athena-style, from a crack in Steve Jobs's head. The user-friendly desktop was largely the creation of Jef Raskin, the man who fought fragmentation, urged Apple to "think small," and encouraged top-to-bottom control over the product's ecosystem. In other words, all the things that still define Apple to this day.

Macintosh Project Genesis and History: 1981 Memo Click to view Fast Company takes a look at Raskin's 1981 account that very first Macintosh, a project that defined Apple's past every bit as much as it set the groundwork for the company we know today. The full original document, "The Genesis and History of the Macintosh Project is to your left; it's very much worth a very close read. [FastCo Design]