When's Valentine's Day again? Wait, what? Today!? Crap. If you have nothing planned for your sweetie, here's how to whip up a great date at the last minute. In fact, I'm following this guide as we speak. Sorry honey!

OpenTable: You need dinner reservations pronto and calling around is just a waste of time. Plus, you don't want to deal with a sassy and judgmental hostess who thinks you're an unfit boyfriend. She'll screw you out of the primo spots! Hit up OpenTable and filter by the type of food you guys love. I just found a 7 o'clock Spanish spot for 2 in Manhattan. Not bad.

Flower Delivery: Two options here: either go local or go with a big site like 1800Flowers.com. For those in bigger cities, like me, 1800Flowers.com has stopped delivery until February 15th. According to the missus, I can't give her flowers on February 15th since Hallmark said Valentine's Day was the 14th. I'll have to hop on Yelp to find the most reputable florist. There's one two blocks away, PHEW. Make sure you call the florist and give them your budget ahead of time. You can pick up the flowers on the way to dinner.

Clever Chocolate: It's probably too late to grab some artisanal chocolate like Mast Brothers, but don't panic, something like Edible Arrangements is clever and perfectly excessive for Valentine's day. They're still offering same day delivery (or pickup) and everyone will feel less bad about eating chocolate when there's so much fruit around!

Print a card at home: Here's where you can earn some creative points AND save a ton of time. Download these cheeky Valentine's Day card covers and print 'em out straight from home. If you have any writing chops, wax poetic on how she's made you think about growing up, becoming more responsible and drumroll, please…the future.

Set the mood: Music! Amazon is offering $2 off MP3s for you one minute men. You marathoners will need a slow jams pumping out of your smartphone. Valentine Radio on iPhone and on Android will get that Vandross going. Candles! If you can get real scented candles, that'd be best. If not, don't panic, it isn't the end of the world. There's a serviceable candle app, yes an app, on both iPhone and Android. Don't shy from your geeky side.

Take it easy, with a stay-at-home movie: If you want to keep things simple after dinner, suggest a stay at home movie. It is a Monday, after all! Make sure you promise that you guys will really go out this weekend though (that's called buying time). As for the movie, if you have Netflix, they have a ton of Romantic Comedies available on Watch Instantly. If you don't have Netflix, Redbox has an app on both iPhone and Android that will let you reserve your movie at a local kiosk.

Grand Finale: This is all you champ. As much as girls seem to love Valentine's Day, they love you more. Remind her why you're the luckiest guy in the world and make her feel special. Cause without them, we're just irresponsible guys who'll never grow up and only think about the future in terms of when the next iPad or Android tablet comes out.