Two photos in a single frame. The double exposure is a fantastic manipulation of photography, and these 69 entries to this week's Shooting Challenge prove it.

WINNER and Lead Shot - X-Ray

I thought double exposure would be a good way to get an x-ray type effect. I tried taking photos of the inside and outside of various objects: books/boxes/cabinets/etc. Then I thought, "duh, my book-bag." So I took all the stuff out of my bag and laid it out as if it were still inside on a solid blue blanket to keep the background constant. I had to be careful to line up the shots just right, so that the items inside lined up with the outside of the bag. I screwed up a little in the top right corner of the newspaper, but I didn't have time to reshoot. This is my first real attempt at a Gizmodo Photo Challenge, hope you like it! Nikon D7000, 18-105mm Nikkor DX VR @ 38mm, ISO 125, f/4.5, Shutter Speed: 1/60.
If only airport security could get images like this!
- Tim

Moon Over Alaska

I took this over the course of a couple of days this week. I wanted to capture the sun and the moon in the same sky. This happens quite often in Alaska this time of year I just wanted to make it look a little more dramatic. Camera: Canon 7D, Lens: Canon 100-400mm and Canon 50mm.
- Chris Humphrey


Shot with Lomo's "Sprocket Rocket", this is the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge from Omaha to Council Bluffs. Shot on Saturday February 12, this was the first semi warm day (in the 40's after being below zero most of the week) and many people took advantage of the weather to walk the bridge. Since the "Sprocket Rocket" has not light meter and shoots at 1/100th of a second or bulb, the picture came out a bit over exposed, but bringing it back in Photoshop gave it an interesting look. Film was expired 200 Fuji.
-Mike Machian

Icy Fingers

In Northern Michigan it's cold, so cold you swear your fingers will break off while snapping up the beauty, but there is always an endless adventure awaiting, alas we continue on. Taken while roaming the great north with my best buddies, Sunny Rose and Mook. (Mook appears in photo.) This photo was taken using an iPhone 4 and the Hippstamatic application. The film used was the Clauch 72 Monochrome film, and the lens was Salvador 84.
Thanks for the opportunity! : )
- Meagan Farkas

Underwater Sunset

This double exposure includes a picture of the beautiful California Sunset setting over the beach layered/double exposed over the very calm ripples of the ocean. It almost looks like the sunset was shot in the reflection in the water. I wanted to keep adding layers/more exposures, but it just got too bright and it lost its beauty. I took the commenters advice and used
blending set to Screen as well as lower the opacity to 75%. Shot on Nikon D90, 105mm, f5.6, iso 200
- Bryan Burra

Cliff Diving

I took a trip with a few friend to place called the "Blue Room" on the island of Curacao, which is a place where you can go cliff diving and offers killer snorkeling (including an underwater cave which it is named after). I was taking pictures of people in the air as they were diving off the cliffs and I also took a few of the cliffs themselves and I thought mixing the different perspectives and colors would make for a really cool Pop Art type picture for this week's photo contest. I hope you like it! Panasonic DMC-TS2 28mm Leica (attached) Base Layer- Effects: Psuedo-HDR 1/1000 sec. ISO-80 f/3.3 Second Layer- Effects: Sepia 1/250 sec. ISO-400 f/3.3
- Josh Krenz

Put a Bird On It

I chased this little guy (scissor tail fly catcher) around a downtown park until he paused for just a second and posed. The homeless guys across the street were giving me funny looks. My hand model then posed with with a red onion she was slicing. It made me think of the Beatles' glass onion. Canon 30d, Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II Lens, Bird: 1/500, ISO200, f8.0, Onion: 1/80, ISO400, f2.5, post production in photoshop just for overlay purposes.
-Collin Fleck

Malibu Longboard

I decided to go take some photographs in Malibu at sunrise. The camera I used was a 1953 Rolleicord that I originally inherited when my Uncle passed away abruptly. I came across a longboard that was just positioned perfectly for this opportunity. After developing and scanning the picture I was pleased to see it came out better than I had expected.
- Dan Bagnall

Optical Pedestal Transporter

I was out in the field working with one of our Kineto-Tracking Mounts and since it was a beautiful day, I thought that a pair of pics showing the instrument opened and closed would make a great double exposure. The landscape here in southern New Mexico makes a great backdrop. I didn't have a tripod, so I tried to keep the zoom and framing as close as I could and used PS to line everything up. Canon 60D, 18-135 Kit Lens, AV 1/3200 at f/3.5, ISO 100
- Jason Shankle


Went out shooting today and felt like these three had a recurring feeling. As it worked out, they seemed to complement one another well spatially, and didn't look cluttered together, as multiple exposures can do. The three exposures were shot separately (I really wanted to do this one the old fashioned way, but didn't find the time to get film developed) and were combined in Photoshop and re-imported to Lightroom for some curve adjustments and tone correction. They are, from back to front: the logo and edge of the tire on a Ford Futura, an amazing candle holder and vase seen through a window, and the side of my friend's head. Thanks for the challenge! All three exposures shot on a Nikon D700 with a 35mm f/2
-Jonathan Vanderweit

Coffee Break

Shot with a Canon 5dII, 24-105 f4/L, and 50mm f1.4. Both shots were significantly underexposed. I immediately had the idea of putting my keyboard in coffee when I saw this challenge. The white cup will hide details around the unexposed black coffee, and I happen to be thinking about coffee through the majority of the day while staring at my computer's keyboard. In order to place the shot of my keyboard only in the coffee, I cut a circle through several pieces of paper and put that over my Macbook's back-lit keyboard. I ended up with a shot of the illuminated keys that matched the shape of my coffee quite well. I lined them up in photoshop, blended them with the 'screen' mode (thank you rootyb), and merged. No masks or other digital effects were needed or used to create the final product.
- Charlie Dwyer


I still can't get over the simple and stunning effect of our winner. As always, the galleries below, full sizes on flickr.

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