Tap Translate: Translate foreign language words right in Safari—no need to switch to another app. Worth checking out if you're routinely finding yourself befuddled by weird lookin' words. $2.

IntoNow: It's like Shazam for TV. Just hold up your phone to any TV show from the last five years or so (or any movie that's been broadcasted on TV) and it'll tell you what episode you're watching. Crazy. Free.

Rdio: Rdio, our favoritest streaming music service, got a nice makeover and some new features to celebrate its 1.0-ness, including an omnipresent playback bar and some enhanced search options. Yes. $10 a month.

The Dark Knight App Edition: Warner Bros is now releasing MOVIES as APPS. Crazy, huh? So why's it better than buying the movie itself through iTunes? For one thing, you get bonus materials; for another, more countries can get in on the action. Free preview; $10 download.

Nomis: Who the hell knows when albums are being released these days?! There's no Twitter feed for 'em or anything. Nomis will scan your music library and alert you of upcoming releases you might be interested.

Starfront Collision: Kotaku sez, "Gameloft brings StarCraft II-or at least the closest thing to it-to the iPhone with Starfront: Collision, a sci-fi real-time strategy game that works surprisingly well in such a tiny space." YES. Free.

Surveillant: Kotaku sez, "Security cameras rarely send the message you're in a safe area. Their presence usually more likely mean you're somewhere someone expects something to go wrong. Surveillant expands on this sense of menace, making the camera an adversary, not a friend."