You know that feeling when you're at bar or a party, and then all of a sudden there's just a whole lot more hair gel and sleeveless t-shirts than when you got there? This sums that up pretty perfectly.


The rest of the best top comedy videos from this week can be found over at Splitsider, including a sucky Valentine's Day, an awesome Big Momma parody, and one miserable bear.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- We looked at 26 roles that Bill Murray almost played but didn't, for various reasons.

- We talked about the potential in Steve Carell's Office replacement.

- The excellent Portlandia got picked up for a second season.

- The first annual Comedy Awards announced its nominations.

- Rachel Dratch got herself a book deal.

- South by Southwest announced a virtually lady-free comedy lineup. They then released a statement saying that they tried, and are still trying, to get more women on board.

- We looked back at MTV's seminal sketch show The State.

- The Office hired a former model to be the newest worker in Scranton.

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