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How a Pilot Risked His Life To Spy On Libya

Back in the late 80s, the United States and Libya were rabid enemies. This is the thrilling story of Brian Shul and his Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, as he zoomed through the skies of Qaddafi's country, dodging anti-aircraft missiles.-JD More »

Why the New MacBook Pros Aren't For Most People

The 2011 MacBook Pros are amazing machines. Fast processors, awesome graphics, new thunder-and-lightning connectivity. If you are a professional-on-the-go dealing with high definition video in Final Cut Pro, print-resolution images in Photoshop or 3D animation in Maya, Apple's new laptops will make you very happy. But if you are just a regular user, the new MacBook Pros are not for you. More »

TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy and Other Train Passengers After Their Trip

After going down in a spiral of paranoid stupidity-called out for saving body scan images, ridiculed for patting down an almost-naked woman or nailed for harrassing a kid at airport security-the TSA has reached a new low. It's surreal. More »

This Is the Last Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery

Today, Discovery reached for the stars for the last time in history. The launch almost got canceled because of a last-minute computer display problem, but the engineers saved the day a couple of seconds before the launch window deadline. Here's the video of the launch. More »

R.I.P. Hervey Stockman, First Pilot to Fly a Spy Plane Over Soviet Territory

Hervey Stockman passed away today, leaving behind a legacy as the first man to pilot a dedicated spy plane in Soviet airspace. Taking the Lockheed U-2 into Communist territory in the middle of the Cold War, Stockman was able to collect data on the USSR while evading MiGs trying to intercept him. Stockman also happened to be the uncle of Giz reader Willy Pell, who has graciously shared some personal anecdotes told to him by Stockman. More »

How Photography Shifted the Balance of the Civil Rights Movement

Twitter and Facebook may be the civil uprising tools du jour, but they certainly weren't the first. Imprisoned in a Luminous Glare discusses how photography helped bring Southern brutalities to light and sustained the African American Civil Rights movement. More »

Westboro Baptist Bigots Blasted Away Online

There's some uncertainty as to who's responsible (all signs point to Anonymous, or it could be jingoist American hacker The Jester)-but the ignorant redneck subhumans of the Westboro Baptist Church are offline. More »

What Is Thunderbolt?

Along with snappy Sandy Bridge processors and beefy GPUs, Apple's new MacBook Pros have a superfast, versatile new I/O tech called Thunderbolt. Whazat? More »

Why Is Apple Charging a Dollar for Video Chat?

New MacBook Pros are here, with spiffy HD cameras popped into their faces. Neat! HD video chat sounds fun. Less fun? The fact that Apple's FaceTime app-you know, the program for the chat protocol they're trying to make ubiquitous-is no longer free. More »

It's a Good Thing the World's Thinnest Phone Has a Gorilla Glass Screen

Matching Monday's leaked pics perfectly, the NEC Medias actually looks really nice. When was the last time you could say that about an NEC product? More »