Cows vs. Aliens: The premise is simple: herd your cows into your barn without letting any pesky extraterrestrials in. You can get by using two thumbs, scooting the cows and aliens along in various directions, but as their numbers start to increase, you're probably gonna wanna try out more fingers. $2.

Tiny Wings: Tiny Wings is a lovely one-button touch game for iOS, featuring a tiny bird who dreams of flying. With each tap, you tuck in the little guy's feathers to slide up and down the hills, gaining enough momentum to fly off one of the bigger slopes when your timing is just right. Pretty visuals and an adorable soundtrack make the app well worth the .99 cents you'll have to spend to get it.

Pocket Hipster: Look at that fucking hipster. With his suspenders, fixed gear bike and ironic mustache. What the hell is he good for? Anything? Yes, actually! Hipsters are fantastic at suggesting good music and that's exactly what this iPhone app does. $2

What Cocktail?: A handsome app that lets you tap in a few variables—what mood you're in; what hemisphere you're in—and spits out a drink suggestion. Then it gives you directions on how to make one. That way, the app's to blame for your hangover, not you. $2

Hipmunk Flight Search: A simple flight-finding app that doesn't bombard you with granular (and often unnecessary) options. Results are displayed visually on a timeline, so it only takes a glance to see what part of the day you can expect to be in the air, and by default they're sorted by which will yield the least "agony," that is, the ones with the fewest, fastest layovers, shortest flight time and the like. Free.

3D Photo: With 3D Photo, a boring 'ol picture can transform into a Picasso-esque art piece in no time. There's 15 different effects so you get more options than just Cubism and you can use previous photos along with new ones to artify in 3D. The app gives you a live preview of the effects so you know what you're getting before you save. $1.

Pillboxie: Remembering to take your medication on time can be an important part of your routine. Pillboxie is a simple iOS app that lets you manage your medicine in a playful way, showing you what you need to take while reminding you. $2

iTrump: With the iTrump app, all you have to do is spend three bucks and you'll be able to play a tune by either touching or blowing your iPhone. I recommend taking the touching route, because let's face it: The gadget doesn't exactly have a spit valve you can clean out. $3.

Fotopedia: Fotopedia National Parks for iOS treats you to 3,000 photographs of all 58 U.S. National Parks. Features include slideshows, maps, and factoids; or shake your device to shuffle through National Parks at random. Usually $4.99, but free temporarily.