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Consumer Reports Confirms Verizon iPhone 4 Death Grip Problems

We'd heard previous reports that the Verizon iPhone 4 was susceptible to the same death grip issues that rocked the original iPhone, but now industry heavy Consumer Reports confirms it: the death grip is back. More »

PS3 Hacker Says Death Is the Only Way Sony Will Stop Him

So he may not have the uh, showmanship, of fellow PS3 hacker (and future 106 & Park guest) geohot, but graf_chokolo is determined as hell to keep shoving Linux into Sony's box. After being sued for a million euros. More »

Paintball Robots!

A madcap inventor is seeking $15,000 on Kickstarter, to bring these paintballin' robots to life. With stair-climbing wheels and a rotating top, they could be used to spice up 10 Things I Hate About You homages or actual combat. Or both, at the same time! More »

Blowin' Stuff Up In the Name of Art

Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils, blows stuff up to make art. OK, it requires a lot more precision than that-he actually detonates explosives packed behind plaster and brick to reveal striking representative images and cleanly rendered words. It's pretty amazing. Here you can see the technique in gorgeous slow-mo, scored by a nice tune from Orelha Negra. More »

The Five Essential Best Picture Winners for Tech Lovers

Pop some popcorn and zip up your Oscar watchin' pants, because the 83rd Academy Awards are this Sunday. To get us all in the proper cinematic mood, we've rounded up our five favorite tech-heavy Best Picture-winning flicks. More »

How to Build a Glass Tower that Doesn't Fall Down

A skyscraper of glass had long been one of modernist architecture's dreams. Boston's Hancock Tower was supposed to idealize that dream. Instead, its 500 pound windows started crashing to the street. What went wrong then, and what goes right now? More »

This White Wheel Can (Unfortunately?) Make Any Room Your Office

The Yill, designed by Werner Aisslinger for the Berlin-based renewable energy company Younicos, is a self-contained energy storage unit that can quickly and simply bring power to any room. Its lithium titanium battery, which can be charged by a standard outlet or renewable sources like solar cells, can serve up to 300 watts of electricity to those who really are determined to get their work done. Personally, "there was no sustainable battery pod around" seems like the perfect excuse not to do one's work. More »

Boring Office Space Gets Livened Up With Giant Office Supplies

It must be hard work, selling boring office space. Strip lighting, gleaming floors, glass partitions...oh god, I've fallen asleep on my keyboard. But wait! A property developer brought in the big guns for a London office. Or technically, the big highlighter, scissors, masking tape and measuring tape... More »

A Mil-Spec, Everything-Proof iPhone Case With a Freakishly Slim Figure

At first glance, the LifeProof iPhone case just looks like a no-frills scratchguard for your do-everything lifeline. What you don't realize is that it is mil-spec rated-meaning it is water-, dust-, snow-, and shock-proof. Most cases that carry out similar functions are considerably more bulky than this one appears to be. More »

Men with Prosthetic Arms Making Prosthetic Arms

This is just awesome. Using something that changed your life to make something that'll change another person's life. LIFE has a great gallery of prosthetics, some scary but mostly cool. More »