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This Is What Wi-Fi Networks Really Look Like

Long exposure photography is plenty awesome on its own. But pair it with a staff that lights up according to how strong Wi-Fi signal is and you get something even more illuminating: a picture of what Wi-Fi networks really look like. More »

Holy Hell, the Heinz ‘Dip & Squeeze' Package Is Available Nationwide

Good news! No, great news! The Heinz Dip & Squeeze, a new single-serving ketchup package that promises to save us from the long national nightmare that has been the existing foil squeeze packet, is now rolling out to Chick-Fil-As nationwide. Ketchup! Liberated! More »

What Is This?

What's that you're looking at? Sure it's art, but not the kind that you think. You might say it's a definitive example of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. And the answer is quite moving. More »

The Story of the Lonely Whale Will Break Your Heart

Once upon a time, there was a whale called June. Or maybe her name is Margaret. Or Kate. We don't really know. A few nitrogen-hearted scientists call her 52 Hertz just because she sings at a 51.75Hz frequency, but I will call her Alice. More »

The New Essential Apps February 2011: iPhone, Android and iPad

iPhones! iPads! Android! We've updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favorites, some long awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. More »

Fake College Copies a Real College's Website to Steal Money from Students

University of Redwood's school website had beautiful pictures of their campus and even a faculty directory. Too bad the college wasn't real. Turns out the website stole all of its content from Reed College and scammed prospective students out of application fees. More »

What Was James Franco Staring at on His iPhone During the Oscars

Probably-stoned Oscars host James Franco and his giggly, unbearable sidekick Anne Hathaway: mediocre. But whilst bombing, Franco couldn't keep his mitts off his iPhone-he first appeared on stage gleefully gripping it. So what's he doing with the thing? More »

This Is What Dictators Are Really Scared About

Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi, Chávez, Mugabe and Kim Jong-Il. All the same dogs with different collar, scared about the same thing. More »