If... if only there were some sort of container for a banana. Something that would protect the fruit inside, be easy to open, and a cinch to throw away. Oh wait, right.

Luckily, the idiots at Del Monte have created an entirely unnecessary and wholly wasteful solution to a problem that doesn't exist—packaging the perfectly fine organic wrapper of the banana's skin with a plastic one—which now makes it, in moron marketing-speak, a "Natural Energy Snack on the Go"! This is a huge relief, because portability was a major problem with bananas throughout history, what with no easy way to hold or store them.


Del Monte, in one last gesture of stupidity, actually claims the bags are eco-friendly, because they'll perfectly time the ripening of the fruit on shelves, preventing unnecessary banana deliveries. And the cost to society is only a plastic bag manufactured for every single banana.

It would also be nice to have apples packed in durable styrofoam shells with a carrying strap. Someone please get on this. [Daily Mail via TreeHugger]

Update: Del Monte appears to have taken some issue with the above interpretation of their eco-initiative, and would like to offer the following clarification:

Hi Sam,
Regarding your post today about Del Monte's plastic-bagged bananas, I'd like to request that you clarify that the Fresh Del Monte company distributes and markets fresh bananas, as well as other fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh produce under the Del Monte brand throughout the world. Its affiliate, Del Monte International, markets packaged foods under the Del Monte brand in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

A separate and unaffiliated company, Del Monte Foods, markets packaged (not fresh) food products under the Del Monte brand in the US and South America.

If there's any way you can clarify this today, I'd appreciate it.

So, consider yourself clarified.