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What To Expect at Tomorrow's Apple Event

We know it's happening. Apple's made it obvious that new iPads will materialize, in expectedly grand fashion, tomorrow, March 2nd. So what do we know about the Second Coming-and what else might pop up at Apple's shindig. More »

The Best Gadgets (So Far)

February-bleh. Kind of an awful month, no? Frigid, lacking the youthful vigor of January, teasing you with the proximity of spring. So good riddance, Feb. But! The month brought changes to our mighty Bestmodo roster. Peep it below. More »

The Original Waffle Maker That Started Nike

Nike! I love their shoes, dig their commercials and can't imagine a world where they're not the best athletic gear company around. But it wasn't always like this. They were once the underdog, searching to push the envelope and hoping to find a way to innovate shoes. Nike found their inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: a waffle maker. More »

China Just Won SimCity With Censorship-Bypassing 3D Baidu Maps

China has repeatedly prevented Google Maps from providing maps of China because the government would like the right to censor landmarks and locations. That means people miss out on cool features like Google's 3D view for Android. So what does China do instead? Have Baidu-the most popular search engine there-provide a 3D pixel art version instead. The result is amazing. More »

You Have Never Seen the Sun So Close

Our friends at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have sent us this spectacular 16:9 panoramic high definition close-up of a recent gigantastic solar prominence. What you are seeing here occurred during 90 minutes on February 24, 2011. More »

Del Monte Gives Middle Finger to Nature with Plastic-Bagged Bananas (Updated)

If... if only there were some sort of container for a banana. Something that would protect the fruit inside, be easy to open, and a cinch to throw away. Oh wait, right. More »

Giant Underground Chamber Discovered On the Moon

Back in 2009, the Japanese Space Agency JAXA announced moon hole deep enough to contain a small human base. Now, the Indian Space Research Organization has discovered a "giant underground chamber" near the Moon's equator. More »

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This Amazing Sculpture of Muhammad Ali Was Made With Punching Bags

You can only see Ali's face from one vantage point. Other perspectives show a bunch of steel and punching bags. More »

You'd Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Cheaper Ring-Flash Than This $40 One

Looking a whole heap more professional than a DIY ring-flash, Photojojo's $40 flash is light in two ways: it weighs just 700 grams, and uses the light from your existing flashgun to illuminate your photos evenly, and strongly. More »

A Scientist Was Killed By a Non-Killing Strain of the Plague

18 months ago, Malcolm Casadaban, a University of Chicago professor of genetics and cell biology, was working on research regarding the Plague. Yeah, that Plague. But the Plague bacteria he was testing was genetically modified, specifically weakened so that it couldn't infect humans. And yet, with sadness, Casadaban somehow got infected and died just a few hours after being rushed to the hospital. More »