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iPad 2: All the Details

The iPad 2 is arriving to stores on March 11. It is a lot faster than the previous generation, a lot thinner-one third no less!-and lighter, and it has two cameras built-in—one in the front for video-conference and another for high definition video and photos on the back. Here are all the details you need to know about Apple's new tablet. More »

iPad 2 Hands On: It Really Is Different

It will come as no surprise to you that the iPad 2 is lighter. But more than that, it feels qualitatively different, from the casing right through to racing around bends in whatever racing game thrills you. More »

The Toy Tazer Is Great for Tasing Kids

ave a rowdy bunch of kids? Why not tase them a little bit to teach 'em a lesson? The Toy Tazer is perfect because for one, they're dirt cheap at only $3.40 and for two, it's not that harmful at only 3.6V per shot (versus 50,000 in police tasers). It's good parenting. More»

Verizon iPhone 4 Not Getting iOS 4.3 Yet?

This is weird. On Apple's iOS 4.3 website, it makes no mention of the Verizon iPhone. In fact, it lists iOS 4.3 as compatible with only these devices More »

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An Optical Illusion Bookshelf: Are There Three or Four Shelves

Using inspiration from the impossible fork, ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects built this optical illusion bookshelf. The shelf looks cartoony and almost invisible but that's not even the real illusion, the real mind bender is that there are what seems like 4 shelves on the left side but only 3 shelves on the right side. Whoa. More »

Discovery Has Spent Almost a Year in Space

If everything goes as programmed and there are no further delays, Discovery will be in space for almost an entire year! In fact, it will be only one day off the 365-day mark. More »

The Internet is Watching Charlie Sheen Implode

If you haven't been in a deep coma for the past 48 hours, you're probably aware of this Charlie Sheen fellow. He's been saying the darndest things! He's (coked?) out of his mind! And we're all watching it live online. More »