Groupon! LivingSocial! Bing? Well, sure. The search engine today announced that it's adding daily deals to its desktop and mobile version, partnering with Dealmap to add 200,000 offers in 14,000 cities in the US. The mobile site gets a new "Deals" tab, while on the desktop, deals are presented as part of search results.

While you can't specify the types of deals you'd like to receive—all deals are strictly based on location—you do get a huge variety of deals, since Dealmap is an aggregator of deals from the Groupons and LivingSocials of the world. You can also narrow down results by keyword or category.

A game changer? Nah. But a nice thumb in the eye of Google, whose failed $6 billion Groupon bid shows that deals are a major search battleground. One where Bing just planted a major flag. [Bing]