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The Popularity of Every Smartphone OS, Visualized

It's easy to throw numbers around about the relatively popularity here in the US of Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and so on. But it's not until you see the comparison laid bare in bold, blocky colors like this that you get a real feel for the playing field. More »

Specs Still Matter (Or: iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom)

Apps are the most important part of any tablet right now. But great apps need great hardware to run, no matter what Apple says. More »

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Where does that Apple magic come from? Why, a magical factory, of course, a world of pure imagination. And this hilarious video gives us the golden ticket to tour inside. Fanboys, get those hackles up! More »

Motorola Xoom Review: The Future of Tablets (Whether You Like It or Not)

It's taken almost a year to get here. The first tablet to matter since the original iPad. The Xoom is the first real Android tablet, arriving ahead of the iPad 2 by a hair. More »

The Evolution of the Meme

Lolcatz, NumaNuma Guy, Chocolate Rain, Scumbag Steve, Charlie Sheen - we all know what a meme is, but how many of us know how the concept actually got its start? The Information explores the surprisingly rich history of the Meme. More »

This Is What a Leg Consumed by Flesh Eating Bacteria Looks Like (Not Safe for Work or the Faint of Heart)

Necrotising Fasciitis. Flesh-eating Bacteria. It is some serious shit, and sci-fi writer (and Biology PhD) Peter Watts was unfortunate enough to contract it after a skin biopsy at a hospital in Toronto. More »

The Superfocus Eyeglasses NASA Astronauts Use in Space

The astronauts on the Discovery right now are actually quite old! The average age on the shuttle is 48 and many suffer from presbyopia, meaning they need some sort of glasses to help 'em out. Enter Superfocus glasses. More »

How Hard Would You Punch an Alarm Clock That Made You Solve Puzzles?

When I wake up, the most taxing thing I want to be doing for the next 15 minutes is reading Twitter on my phone. Or urging the husband to make me a cup of tea. Not solving puzzles. Never puzzles. More »

Here's What the Most Average Person In The World Looks Like

National Geographic went about collecting statistics on the world's population. Know what they found? Apparently, the most average person on this planet is male, 28-years-old and is Han Chinese in ethnicity. But they didn't stop there. More »