Thrutu: When you're on a phone call, Thrutu puts a sliding drawer on top of your dialer to give you easy access to send pictures, contact info, location, etc. to the person you're talking to. It's quick and painless-just think about how many times you've tried to track down a phone number or explained directions on the phone, none of those situations would be as easy as just directly sending what you need. Only problems right now is that it doesn't work with CDMA Android phones (no simultaneous data and voice!) and both users need Thrutu. Free.

Foodspotting: Sometimes, looking at restaurant menus is good enough but other times, you want to see the food you're going to eat. Foodspotting does just that, users upload photos of their delectable dishes for others to see. Join the fun and finally have a reason to take pictures fo your food. Free.

Chomp: The Android Market has gotten better (OTA app downloads FTW), but it's still pretty piss poor at finding the apps you really want. Think of Chomp as a replacement for Android Market's search function ecause for pure app searching purposes. You can search by app category, such as Restaurant Guides, Crosswords Games, or Driving Apps or Driving Games or just anything that comes to mind, really. Chomp even has a special section for apps on sale. All those crap apps on Android Market? Gone. Well, mostly. Free.

Meganoid: A really hilarious and super fun 8-bit game that proudly takes inspiration from Megaman and Metroid. Hilarious because the 8-bit graphics and sound effects are a nod to the simpler days and super fun because it reminds you of being a kid again. Best part about the game? It's free.

Cloud Print BETA: Google's own Android Cloud Print setup isn't perfect yet. Until it is, Cloud Print BETA is pretty great. Kevin from Lifehacker says:

Cloud Print Beta for Android also uses Dropbox to stash the files you want to send over, so you can print them the next time your printer is connected. You can send files directly from the app, or use the Share function with other apps to send them over. I've managed to print a test page and a DOC file from my Android to an HP printer, connected to a Windows 7 computer so far.

Learn more at Lifehacker.

Wave Launcher: If you're familiar with webOS, you'll recognize where Wave Launcher draws its inspiration from. It's a silky smooth, ribbon-esque "launcher" that you can attach five apps too. I really like how it looks, and hey, more style tips from webOS is a great thing. [Android Central]

PressReader: It's an app that mimics a newspaper newsstand and gives you a ton of newspapers options. According to PressReader, you'll have access to 1,800 full-content newspapers from 94 countries in 48 language, the big ones include the Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail, National Post and more. Good for new age news buffs who love the paper but love their phones more.

Google Body: Think of it as Google Earth but for the body. It's an Android Tablet application so you get to learn the female body on a spanking big screen. Dive into the skin, muscles, organs, veins, nerves and bones to get your anatomy on. Free