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No One Was Hurt in This Google Maps Plane Crash

Follow this link to a Google Maps shot of Alameda, California, and you'll see an arresting site: a downed commercial aircraft spewing debris, with its wings snapped into pieces and its hull cut cleanly in half. It looks like a crash perfect enough for a TV show. And in fact that's just what it was. More »

This 3-Inch Wearable Turbine Functions Just Like a Giant One. Just Don't Call It Jewelry.

Oh, sweetie! You shouldn't have! A box? For me? You remembered! Happy anniversary! I can't wait to open it! What a pretty bow! Oh gosh! It's.. it's-Yes, that's right, it's a tri-blade, 30-part military grade titanium turbine assembly. More »

Would-Be Pipe-Bomber Busted By His Own Facebook Profile

Thank goodness most criminals aren't masterminds. Like Ernesto Garcia-Bristo here, a 26-year old man who was recently arrested in Ocean City, MD for possession of two pipe bombs. How did the cops track down such a menace? Oh, you know, just cruising by his Facebook profile. More »

Are Tablets Ruining Watching TV Together?

TV socializing is something of an oxymoron to begin with. When we sit down to watch the tube together, we're mostly together in the strictest technical sense-couch proximity. We might share popcorn, or laugh in unison, or murmur something about how so-and-so got fat-but it ain't exactly a meeting of the minds. More »

The Freaky Story of the Dog Head Transplants and the Giant Dogbot That Never Was

According to recently unearthed-and completely fake-scientific papers posted in Russian forum Stepashka, the Soviets took over where the Nazis and Dr. Frankenstein left it: More »

Darth Vader's Place in the Suburbs

I wonder how the neighbors of this house in Sendai, Japan feel-their buildings, from the look of things, seem like normal, unassuming homes. And then someone had to come and build this brooding black monstrosity. More »

Conan Parodies the iPad 2

You can always expect a few good parody videos after an Apple keynote, and Conan didn't disappoint with his iPad 2 video. Also: "Dream-Telligence" team! *chortle* More »

MTV Might Actually Help You Discover New Music Again

Would you believe me if I told you MTV might actually help you find some new music to listen to? Not by playing videos on their TV station, of course, but with their free new Music Meter app for iOS and Android. More»