This Week's Best iPad Apps

Battleheart: It's certainly not the first RPG for the iPad, nor the most traditional-Aralon probably takes that title-but as far as I've seen it's the best RPG designed for the iPad, a game that rewards investment but is easy to get the hang of, one that has delicious graphics and a control scheme designed around pokings, proddings, and swipings instead of merely accommodating them. $3.


Holler Gram: Even if you can't think of your own cutting message to scribe and hold up to those around you, you can still get great enjoyment out of this free Holler Gram iPad app with its included messages. Get it now before it goes insanely popular at next week's SXSW nerdfest! You can also send messages straight to Twitter, with a Twitpic of the Holler Gram and hashtag. Free.

Infinity Blade: Infinity Blade, the stunning Unreal Engine 3-powered iOS game, just got a fat new update, bringing six new game arenas (essentially doubling the size of the game), ten new enemies, and over 30 new swords, shields, magic rings and the like. Hopefully your knight's well rested. Oh, and the app is on sale for just $3 to celebrate the occasion.


Lifelike Craig: Craigslist is a vast sea of treasures, but it's one that's kinda frustrating to navigate. When I'm really ready to dig in, I'll just search for something and open like 50 new tabs with anything that catches my eye. But for more leisurely second-hand shopping, Lifelike Craig looks great. It arranges Craigslist results in newspaper-style columns, allowing you to save favorite searches, view results on a map, and post your own ads. Ugh. I'm gonna have like 24 mid-century dining chairs before the day's over. $2.

DirecTV for iPad: DirecTV's iPad app lets you browse and search their schedule (up to 2 weeks out), set recordings on the go and even check sports scores to see if the game is worth watching. Free.


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