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New Police Helicopter Video from September 11 Attack Released

There's not much else to be said about perhaps the worst terrorist attack in history. But this new video, taken from NYC police helicopters, shows a new perspective on that terrible day. It is terrifying and breathtaking at the same time, a reminder of what these criminals can still do. More »

Clandestine Sex Videos Stolen From Egyptian Secret Police HQs, Mountains of Documents Shredded

This mountain of shredded paper taking over several rooms was found inside the Egyptian Secret Police's headquarters in Cairo on March 5, when hundreds of angry people invaded it. They called this day their Bastille Day. More »

Crazy Realistic Geminoid Robot Now Comes in Cool College Professor Variety

Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro was responsible for the first Geminoids-super realistic androids capable of reproducing facial tics and other subtle mannerisms-but a team of researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark has fired back with their own fair-skinned take on the creepily realistic robot: the Geminoid DK. More »

Google Earth Images Actually Make for Great Surrealist Art

Who knew Google was hiding an artistic touch in Google Earth? Clement Valla, an artist, fiddled with Google Earth and found some amazingly surrealist images. Turns out, when you zoom in at just the right angle, bridges droop dramatically, 2D roads look pasted on in a 3D world and the entire world looks like it's melting. More »

Look at This Crazy Russian Nuke Plant: Are 10,000 Buttons Safer Than One Screen?

Touchscreens (and screens in general) are awesome. So sleek! So dynamic! So futuristic! Yeah, well what if they're fundamentally confusing and dangerous, too? More »

Ahoy! Is This Not the Most Magical Pirate Bedroom You've Ever Seen?

I dare you to find a cooler father than Steve Kuhl, who built this pirate ship bedroom for his six year old son. If this doesn't add value to their Minnesota house, nothing will. Not even a gold-plated Jacuzzi. More »

A Watch This Awesomely Sci-Fi Could Have Only Come from the Future

What do you do when the timepieces available to you are a little blah? If you're Olivier Demangel, you skip the store, open a mental wormhole to the future, and create your own-it packs USB storage, music, Bluetooth, and oh yeah, a clock.More »

Grand New Opry

The Guangzhou Opera House. Just completed after seven years of construction, the insta-landmark comprises two separate buildings and overlooking Guangdong Province's Pearl River. And its main auditorium, which seats 1,800 and looks like something not even the holodeck could dream up, is as acoustically advanced as it is beautiful. More »

Captain Kirk Wakes Up Discovery Crew for the Last Time

On the day of Discovery's final return to Earth, its crew and the crew of the International Space Station had an amazing wake up call from Captain James T. Kirk himself. More »

Why Mobile Sites Can Be So Frustrating

Who do you blame when a site keeps redirecting you to its mobile homepage? The server with the attention span of a concussed gnat, that's who. Explains so much, solves so little. More »