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A Brief History of Bulletproof

Kevlar. The world is lousy with this stuff: from body armor to tires to shoelaces; from to suspension bridges to the Ove Glove. But when Kevlar was invented 45 years ago, it didn't look like something that could save a life. It looked like a mistake. More »

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The Most Impressive Home Theater in the Entire Star System

Tucked away in a palatial Hawaiian home and packed with high-tech accouterments, I can't imagine a better place to watch a film than this incredible Star Wars-inspired home theater. Unless you were trying to watch a Western or something. More »

A Dazzling Sculpture With a Pioneering Structure

There's a massive neon jellyfish suspended over traffic in downtown Denver, spanning 230-feet across and undulating gently in the night air. It's a striking sight but no cause for concern; the strange form is 1.26, an incredible aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman tethered to the roof of the Denver Art Museum. More »

The SuperMoon Apocalypse Is Near! (No, Actually It's Not)

On March 19 the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth in 18 years: 356,577 kilometers, according to the perigee and apogee calculator. Naturally, this means that WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE in a clusterfuck of mad hurricanes, raging volcanos, furious tsunamis and mad earthquakes. Why? Because some people have used very special instruments to detect the impending disaster in their own assfog. So, what it is going to happen, then? More »

JBL and Philips Bring Us More Rare AirPlay Goodies, in the Shape of a Dock and Speakers

I don't know, you wait months for AirPlay products, and then two come along at once! Just like buses. JBL's On Air Wireless speaker (left) actually includes a little screen for displaying track info, though obviously if you're streaming over AirPlay you could just look at the iPhone screen instead. More »

Hollywood Openly Wants to Turn Netflix Into a Cesspool of Shitty Movies You Don't Want to Watch

It's been obvious for a long time that Hollywood is not exactly BFF with Netflix, most obviously manifested in the rental windows that make subscribers wait a month for new movies-if not longer-as Hollywood tries to milk as much DVD revenue as possible before it all dries up. Despite Hollywood's efforts to cramp its growth, afraid of it becoming the next iTunes, Netflix has just gotten bigger. So studios are going to try to make things even worse for Netflix to make you watch it less. More »

How to Save Money on Gas with Apps

Spring is near! The sun is shining, the weather is warming and holy what the mothercakes, gas is four dollars a gallon right now?! And what mister newscaster? It's going to get more expensive? Geez! This is getting out of hand. We all would appreciate saving some money on gas. Here's how. More »

The iPad Stand That Attracted Over $100k Funding From Fans on Kickstarter

We had so many people sending us tips about the PadPivot stand today that I was beginning to suspect the designer had signed up for a multitude of alternative email addresses. Until I looked at Kickstarter, and saw that the $10,000 goal had been exceeded-by $106,426, with five days still to go. More »