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iOS 4.3 Is Here-Check Out What's New

The newest little step forward for iOS just dropped-and while it's nothing dramatic (or unexpected), it adds a nice little pinch of new functionality and performance. Here's what just got a little better about your iPhone/Pad/Pod More »

You're Being Tracked and No Law Is Going to Change That

On May 25, some European governments will activate laws against automatic web cookies. This means that web sites will have to explicitly ask for user permission every time they want to store any information in your browser. Some people are asking for this in the US too, in the name of privacy. More »

Our Beautiful Sun Looks Like a Peaceful, Furry Egg Yolk

This amazing picture was taken by Alan Friedman and it shows a side of the Sun that I've never seen before. Look at it, I mean, the Sun's surface looks like milky peach fuzz that'd be so soft to touch-the texture is just incredible. More »

91 Common Objects As You've Never Seen Them Before

Here are 91 everyday objects, photographed by Gizmodo readers. Can you identify them? (Seriously, can you help identify them? Several don't have answers!) More »

Fly Your Bike Across the World with This Tough Case

The problem of packing up your bicycle and loading it onto an airplane isn't likely an issue many of us face regularly, if ever. But if you do-and you've got $1,400-the AeroTech Evolution looks like a killer way to safely ferry your ride. More »

Final Touchdown: All the Facts About Discovery

On February 24, 2011, the space shuttle Discovery launched for the last time ever. Today, twelve days later, it's back on Earth after a farewell wake up call by Captain Kirk. More »

What Animals Do When Humans Aren't Around

Excellent! The Smithsonian has launched a new database of over 200,000 photos captured by automated cameras around the world, showing what animals are up to when they're not being weirded out by humans (just weirded out by automated cameras). More »

Baseball Pitchers May Need to Wear Futuristic Helmets to Protect Their Brain

A pitcher is in a pretty vulnerable spot on the baseball field: right smack dab in the middle of the action, straight in the line of fire. Easton-Bell decided that because of that potential danger, there was need for a new pitcher helmet that could absorb some of the potentially violent contact. More »

Recon-Zeal Transcend Heads Up Display Snow Goggles

These are snowboarding/ski goggles with a little heads up LCD and GPS. Think of it as a fighter jet pilot's helmet for the slopes. More »

The Trike Powered by Two Bosch Power Tools

Nevermind your concerns over the safety of the EX trike; just think of the thrill you'd get as the wind strokes your face when hurtling down the road at 30kph (18mph.) Built using modified bike parts and a pair of Bosch power-screwdrivers, the driver steers by twisting their body to move the back wheel, and controls the brake and gas with just a squeeze of the handles. More »