Not that this Volitude scooter has a corkscrew or knife tools—though you could certainly DIY with a few carefully-placed Victorinoxes. Instead, the Swiss-made scooter unfolds in just a second, ready for 18 miles of carefree scooting.

It takes four hours to charge it fully for those 18 miles of whizzing, but there's also a slower "walk" pace that can be activated with a press of a button on the handlebar. It has hydraulic disc brakes and inbuilt front and rear lighting. When folded up, it measures 60cm x 85cm, so shouldn't cause too much trauma to fellow commuters when trying to squeeze on during rush-hour.

Unfortunately the price and availability hasn't been set by Volitude yet, but we'll let you know when it has. [Volitude via BallerRide via Born Rich]